2019 Call For Speakers

2019 Call For Speakers

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Nurses around the country follow ShiftWizard’s “Happy Nurses. Happy Patients. Podcast” and “Wizard Webinars”. 

Now you can be a part of the inspirational and educational series made by nurses for nurses!  Below you will find more details and you can submit your entry as a 2019 speaker using the form below.

Wizard Webinars:

Wizard Webinars offer inspiration and educational content by nurse leaders for nurse leaders.  Learn from your peers as we dive into the hottest nursing topics of the day such as recruiting Generation Z & Millennial nurses, optimizing staffing costs, and implementing non-monetary incentive programs. Watch our on-demand webinars here

Happy Nurses. Happy Patients. Podcast:

Finally…a podcast for nurse leaders! Stay on top of the latest trends in nursing and hear the perspectives of prominent nurse leaders in the industry. Each podcast episode is designed to be short and insightful, making it perfect material for commutes, lunch breaks, etc. In each episode, seasoned healthcare executive, Jeremy Brewer, will host a discussion with a well-known nurse executive. We hope you find the content inspirational, educational, and entertaining! Listen here

Why submit an entry?

  • Build your brand!  We have an audience of nurse leaders from across the US.
  • Impress and inspire your peers within your domain of expertise.
  • Amplify your story and career journey

What we look for in a speaker:

  • Speakers that are engaging, informative, relevant, outcome-based and well-networked.
  • A current or previous nurse leader with expertise in a timely and relevant nursing topic.
  • Topic suggestions:
    • Developing nurse talent
    • Preventing churn
    • Recruiting during the nursing shortage
    • Leading the new generation of nurses
    • Efficient staffing
    • Etc.

2019 Call For Speakers Submission