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Specialty Treatment System

Streamlined workforce management across multiple locations saved overtime costs and time.

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A national specialty treatment healthcare system made a strategic decision to move away from the outdated method of using spreadsheets for staff scheduling. Their previous methods led to high rates of agency nurse and overtime usage and created unneeded administrative work.

The organization upgraded to ShiftWizard as their workforce management system after evaluating four solutions. The system streamlined their staffing operations, saving agency and overtime costs, while also improving staff satisfaction by saving time and adding clarity.

“Their technical support is by far the best I have ever seen. It’s unheard of in this day and age to get that level of support and response. In nursing, we can’t afford to wait to resolve problems that affect patient care.” – Healthcare System Nursing Director

Hospital at a Glance

Specialty Treatment System

  • 5 hospital system
  • Cancer-focused medical centers
  • Locations across the U.S.
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Making the Shift

As a health care system focused on delivering high-quality, personalized patient-centric care, this group relies on some of the most sophisticated tools and technologies, and the people needed to use them. In essence, having the right care for the right patient at the right time is the key to their success and to their patients’ survival.

To accomplish this level of care, they needed to find the right solution to streamline the process of scheduling and managing their very specialized workforce. With multiple locations across the US, they also wanted a solution that would meet their needs enterprise-wide.

They originally evaluated four different solutions before engaging in a free clinical trial with ShiftWizard. After experiencing success with the trial, the initial users quickly became ShiftWizard evangelists. They passionately presented the solution and its benefits to their counterparts at the four other locations with the goal of an enterprise-wide roll-out for all inpatient and outpatient care providers.

One deciding factor for the executive team was their commitment to running a lean operation. Having a solution that streamlined processes, saved time and enabled collaboration was appealing. They also wanted a solution that would support future integrations.


The health system needed a system that could provide:

  • Access to schedules from any log-in site
  • At-a-glance shift selections
  • Communication improvements with text and email
  • Improved conflict resolution

Saving Time

Prior to using ShiftWizard, the health care system relied on spreadsheets that left a lot of room for mistakes and misuse. ShiftWizard’s template-based scheduling option saved managers hours of time that was previously spent creating schedules from scratch, updating schedules and correcting mistakes.

Improving Staff Relations

Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They especially like the web access, allowing them to log in from anywhere, at any time. They can easily see available shifts, across multiple departments and choose the shifts that appeal to them. They can also easily swap shifts and/or pick up additional shifts when available.

Better communication using texting and email has also helped improve staff relations, by alerting everyone to any open shifts, last minute needs or policy changes at the same time.

ShiftWizard helps managers treat employees more fairly in situations where conflicts would have arisen in the past. It’s also easier for managers to identify staff trends, potential problems or ongoing issues and address them more quickly and efficiently.

Saving Money

When it came to labor costs, overtime was the biggest issue. With the ability to look at monthly reports using ShiftWizard, they have dramatically decreased costs associated with overtime for FTEs and agency staff. They can also more efficiently float available resources between departments when needed, making that process painless from both a management and staff standpoint.

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