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All About ShiftWizard's Nurse Scheduling App & How it Makes Life Better

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Why a Nurse Scheduling App is Important

These days, it seems there’s an app for everything. This includes mobile apps for nurse scheduling technology. When you are choosing a nurse scheduling software, simply having an app is not enough any longer—you need more. Is the software compatible online and in the app? Does the app work well and have all of the features and integrations you need? Is the app designed to solve nurse scheduling problems…or does it create new ones?

ShiftWizard: The Nurse Scheduling Solution You Have Been Waiting For

If you’ve been shopping around for a nurse scheduling solution for your hospital, you might have noticed most software vendors can’t offer you a mobile app. That’s a problem, to be honest. Your nurse scheduling software needs to be compatible with the on-the-go lifestyle of nurses. Other vendors offer apps that are not well maintained and updated to meet the latest nurse scheduling needs. This is perhaps an even worse problem. You cannot risk the heart of your organization with unreliable technology. If you are looking for a nurse scheduling software and app that has it all, you need ShiftWizard. Our app is made by nurses, for nurses. The masterminds behind ShiftWizard know the scheduling concerns that CNOs face, and we have developed a solution designed to help make life better for everyone while minimizing overhead costs. If you are interested in learning more, read our free ebook on the ShiftWizard app and how it can help you today.