Financial Impact of ShiftWizard

Financial Impact of ShiftWizard

ShiftWizard’s electronic self-scheduling system pays for itself through enhancements to operational efficiency. ShiftWizard is proven to increase staff retention by 7% or more and to reduce reliance on premium labor.


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Pam Cayton

Director of Staffing Resources

“After two years, it was clear that ShiftWizard provided us with the ability to track projected overtime and reallocate staff accordingly. As a result, we have been able to positively impact our labor costs.”

Cindy Faulkner

VP Patient Care Services & CNO

“ShiftWizard is one big recruitment tool for us. ShiftWizard has also helped tremendously to reduce our dependence on expensive staffing agencies.”

Gary Maggi

Director of Emergency Services

“In the past, I have used other scheduling software packages, and none of them are as easy to use as ShiftWizard. ShiftWizard has made our life much easier. I can’t see why anyone would select another scheduling software package. The reduction in scheduling errors alone has saved us money, while ensuring patient care is not affected or jeopardized.”