Improving Patient Care With ShiftWizard

Improving Patient Care With ShiftWizard

Premium labor, such as overtime employees or agency nurses, can save the day in a pinch, but you can count on the best patient outcomes from well-rested, senior-level, full-time nurses. ShiftWizard helps leaders allocate their staff more efficiently to improve patient care while also improving the bottom line.


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Kathy Clodfelter

Director of Patient Care Services

“Time savings, cost savings and communication are great, but the primary goal of Deaconess is always to deliver the best patient care possible. ShiftWizard has helped us achieve that goal by ensuring that we have the right staff at all times to meet the needs of each and every patient.”

Pam Cayton

Director of Staffing Resources

“With a couple of clicks, our charge nurses can go into ShiftWizard’s productivity tab to look at the upcoming shift as well as real-time census and associated resources. They can easily see what is scheduled and what is needed to provide the right resources for the projected patient load while avoiding the use of contingency staff, if possible.”

Jennifer Lampert

Assistant Director of Nursing

“The immediate appeal was with the transparency that ShiftWizard offered, and our ability to use that to track overtime. ShiftWizard lets us look at every employee, across all units at all hospitals. That allows us to identify and address gaps and overages to ensure the best possible care for each patient.”