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You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed, under-resourced, and disconnected from your team.

You entered healthcare leadership to enrich the lives of patients and staff, not to solve constant staffing challenges.
WakeMed saved $2.1 million in FTE overtime costs over two years with the help of ShiftWizard.

Burnout is at an all-time high.

Facilities across the globe are struggling to fill shifts as agency costs are soaring. We know it’s hard to continually ask your staff to work additional shifts, take care of more medically complex patients, and manage increasing patient volumes. It doesn’t have to be this way. The right tools can help. Are you ready to decrease burnout, improve the work-life balance of your team, and improve patient care?

The average turnover costs result in hospitals losing $4.4 million to $6.9 million each year.

Source: Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!: March/April 2020 – Volume 18 – Issue 2 – p 56

The average turnover costs result in hospitals losing $4.4 million to $6.9 million each year.

Source: Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!: March/April 2020 – Volume 18 – Issue 2 – p 56

How can ShiftWizard by HealthStream help?

Premium Labor Management
Offers transparency into real-time costs accrued through agency staff, overtime hours, travel nurses, and incentivized shifts

Real-Time Productivity Reporting
Integrating Time and Attendance and EMR data with ShiftWizard™ provides real-time productivity measurements, as it uses imported time sheets to provide team leaders with real-time bedside productivity tracking and predictions that update for each department

License and Certification Tracking
Auto-generated notifications are tied to expiration dates that notify managers 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration.

Messaging Center
The integrated Communication Center allows staff to accept shifts in as little as one click, ensuring that internal decisions are always reflected in real-time on the staffing worksheet.

Mobile Accessibility
Offers iOS and Android applications that include manager and staff functionality. The mobile app provides hospital staff and managers with easy options to manage their schedule and communicated with others.

Predictive Census
Predictive census uses data to forecast the number of patients in each unit or department at any given time. This can positively impact team satisfaction by scheduling shifts with the right number of staff, every time, and eliminate the stress of the last-minute scramble to find coverage.

It’s time to take the stress out of healthcare scheduling.

It’s Easy to Get Started

  1. Request a 15-minute demo
  2. Complete a comprehensive needs assessment
  3. Receive a proposal with your organization’s requested items
  4. Get started in weeks with an experienced implementation specialist

Our Promise to You
To enhance your team’s work-life balance while optimizing precious staff resources to meet care needs with an intelligent nurse and staff scheduling system made exclusively for healthcare.

The benefits of using ShiftWizard™


Staff to Demand
ShiftWizard offers real-time clinical Assessment and Assignment to Staff-to-Patient, to allow for staffing by demand.



Newly Expanded Support
ShiftWizard recently expanded its support and customer success team, providing dedicated resources to help customers optimize their utilization of the technology.


no hidden fees

No Hidden Fees
All functionality featured in our demo is included in the pricing we provide. There are never any hidden fees or per message/data/text charges.


trusted partner

Trusted Partner
ShiftWizard is a trusted parter of Oracle/PeopleSoft and Workday.


dedicated support

Dedicated Support
We assign a dedicated Customer Success and Implementation Team that will do the heavy lifting for our customers. We will sit shoulder-to shoulder with them not just through their customized build, but through the entirety of their subscription.


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Give your team the scheduling and communication tools they need to focus on the overall mission of better care, a happy team, and a thriving healthcare organization.
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