Give your healthcare staff the flexibility to manage their shifts and communicate with their team while on the go.

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Manage Your Work Schedule From Anywhere

Available on iOS and Android, ShiftWizard’s mobile app provides hospital staff members with easy options to manage their schedule and communicate with their team. Staff have the ability to place a PTO request from bed, or self-schedule while they are away from the office.

Add New Icons In Seconds

Icons are used in ShiftWizard to communicate a users status or scheduling preferences. Staff can easily mark themselves as available, sick, do not call, etc. while on the move. This marks a drastic improvement over manual processes which often have no history tracking.

Connect with Your Team & Contact Managers Instantly

ShiftWizard’s app allows managers and staff to communicate with their team individually and in mass. Managers can send texts and voicemails to employee lists and staff members can respond in the app by directly accepting shifts!

Submit Shift Swap Requests

ShiftWizard makes shift swapping easier for staff to initiate, and for managers to track and approve. The departmental scheduling calendars are then updated in real-time to reflect all changes

Coordinate care wherever your nurses are.


Who has access to the mobile app?

ShiftWizard’s mobile app comes free of charge for all users with a ShiftWizard account. Access to the app is enabled by an organization’s ShiftWizard administrator.

Does the app support Manager functionality?

Currently, the ShiftWizard app is optimized for hospital staff members. Manager functionality will be added to the app in 2020.

Why can’t I login to the ShiftWizard mobile app?

You must have an existing ShiftWizard account to login. Some older accounts will need to be upgraded to a “universal login” with 2-factor authentication first in order to enable access. Contact your ShiftWizard administrator to initiate this process.

How is my data protected?

ShiftWizard is HIPAA compliant, and we coordinate with hospitals to comply with individual policies on a case-by-case basis.