Christine Noble, BSN, RN, TCRN

Nurse Spotlight

Huggins Hospital

ShiftWizard’s Nurse Scheduling Software Presents: Nurse Spotlight of the Week

Stories of Florence Nightingale’s compassion, bravery, and leadership have shaped modern nursing and influenced and inspired millions. As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of her birth, we are honored to shine a light on today’s #NurseHeroes on the front lines by sharing some of their stories.

This is Christine’s story.


“Christine is known by her fellow staff members as the “MOM” of the Emergency Department.”


Describe why you chose to become a nurse 

I have wanted to be a nurse as long as I can remember. As a child, I had many older relatives requiring hospitalizations at different times. I spent a lot of time visiting them and admiring the nurses at work and wanting to be like them. I have always been drawn to helping people in that way.

Describe your most rewarding day on the job

Recently, my department experienced a mass casualty and we had a large number of patients brought in by EMS. My department pulled together resources to care for every patient in a matter of minutes. We worked together as an amazing team. All of us were exhausted, drained, and drenched in sweat. I was so proud of the way we were able to provide the care these trauma victims needed and all patients survived, including a weeks-old baby. Fear, joy, anger, tears, and many more emotions were wrapped up in that day. But the satisfaction of being able to help these patients was the best feeling. I am so proud to be part of that team.

Describe your most challenging day on job

In my job at the ED, we care for a large number of psychiatric patients. Many of these patients are children. I am blessed to have 5 wonderful daughters. Caring for these troubled children at work is hard but one in particular stands out in my mind. She was the same age as one of my daughters. She needed to stay in our psychiatric room to await placement. When she was left behind by her mother and as we held her back when she tried to follow her, her cries were heart wrenching. Seeing and feeling that pain is so hard and stays with you for a long time. I may not forget it.

Do you have any nurse hacks or lessons learned in the field you would like to share with others?

One of the main things I have learned being an ED nurse is the importance of humor and friends. Keeping things light in a horrific clinical scenario and being able to decompress and share your emotions with your fellow nurses and paramedics is essential to survival. I am thankful that I have that.

What’s a favorite quote of yours?

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future” – Proverbs 31:25. This is hanging on the wall in my home.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I was a practicing nurse for 10 years and left the practice to stay at home for 15 years to raise my 5 daughters. I returned to nursing practice 5 years ago and I am so thankful I did. Nursing is the most wonderful profession and I am grateful to be part of it.

For those looking for a way to help others, is there a charity you suggest?

Knights Against Hunger/ Wolfeboro NH. This is a group run by our local high school students and staff, Kingswood Regional HS. They have a large number of students who come from a very large geographical area who suffer from food insecurity. This group provides students with backpacks of food on a regular basis. They are wonderful.


Nurse Spotlight Christine Noble, BSN, RN, TCRN

Thank you for all you do, Christine!


Christine’s Nomination

I would like to nominate Christine Noble, RN, BSN, TCRN for recognition of National Nurses Week. Christine received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1990 and worked for several years in Boston at Tuft’s Medical Center. Christine took time off to raise her family and in 2015 had the courage to enroll in the South Dakota University Independent Study Refresher for Registered Nurse. Christine was one of the first RN’s to complete the clinical component of this program at Huggins Hospital under the guidance of Educator, RN, MSN Debbie Simone.

Christine is our Clinical Lead in the Emergency Department at Huggins Hospital and arrives each day with a contagious smile which instantly brightens our department. Christine has worked in the Emergency Department at Huggins Hospital for 4.5 years and has developed a respectful rapport with her patients and co-workers, while promoting a positive team atmosphere. An example of Christine’s promotion of a positive team atmosphere is her design of an Emergency Department team shirt. This brought our department closer together and made everyone accept ownership for our department’s success. Our staff takes pride in wearing these shirts and are proud to be part of the team.

Christine is able to keep a potentially hectic environment calm when in the past it has been very chaotic. She is able to assign tasks, assist team members with critical patients, and care for patients during times of high volume and high acuity without becoming flustered. Several patients and visitors have commented that they didn’t even realize the ED was full because of the calmness of the environment.

This past year Christine successfully obtained her TCRN certification (Trauma Certified Registered Nurse). TCRN is an earned credential that demonstrates the individual’s specialized knowledge and skills. Certification is awarded by a third-party organization, such as Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing. Individuals receive their certification after meeting strict eligibility requirements and successfully completing the required examination. In addition, certifications have ongoing requirements that must be meant to maintain the credential, ensuring the holder has maintained their level of expertise in the specialty area. Certifications are nationally recognized and are often utilized as part of the earner’s signature”, © 2020 Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). This is not a requirement of our Emergency Department, but shows Christine’s commitment to our hospital, community, and patients to provide and promote the best care possible.

Christine specializes in infectious disease nursing which has proved to be a blessed asset to not only our Emergency Department, but Huggins Hospital as a whole. Christine has promoted best practice guidelines within our facility and has not only made it her priority to provide this specialized guidance to our Emergency Department, but to our colleagues in other departments.

During this time of uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Christine has worked endless hours to follow up with patients in order to answer questions or address concerns regarding any testing or diagnosis they have received. Christine has been reassuring and supportive not only to the staff of the Emergency Department, but other departments as well.Christine became a trainer for N95 mask fit testing in order to successfully fit test multiple employees from various departments to ensure their safety. She made herself available on her days off to complete fit testing which captured a high number of employees who may not have had the opportunity to complete the testing.

Christine is compassionate with her patients and strives for excellence each time she is in the Emergency Department. She has a calming demeanor which is not only noticed by her patients, but by her co-workers as well. Qualities such as these is what makes her a great mentor and preceptor for our students and new employees. Christine is known by her fellow staff members as the “MOM” of the Emergency Department. She ensures that everyone feels safe and works endlessly to secure the safest environment possible for our staff members to work in.

Sometimes we may wonder or overlook what affect our jobs have on our personal/home lives. Here is a recent post from one of Christine’s daughters which sums it up:

Christine promotes a positive image outside of Huggins Hospital while juggling her professional and personal life seamlessly while raising 5 daughters with her husband Jim. Christine spends some of her free time coaching one of her daughter’s basketball team and serves as a Legal Nurse Consultant for New Hampshire Infection Control.

I’m am grateful to have Christine Noble working in our Emergency Department and thank you for opportunity to submit this nomination.

– William Riley, NRP, ASDirector of Emergency Department Operations
Huggins Hospital

Thank you for helping us honor Christine and the profession of nursing, William. We salute you! 


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