Tiffany Frazier, BSN, RN, SANE

Nurse Spotlight

Anderson Hospital (Bon Secours Mercy Health)

Stories of Florence Nightingale’s compassion, bravery, and leadership have shaped modern nursing and influenced and inspired millions. As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of her birth, we are honored to shine a light on today’s #NurseHeroes on the front lines by sharing some of their stories.

This is Tiffany’s story.

“Tiffany’s leadership has helped to pull the entire ED team together during an uncertain time & has demonstrated what true leadership can do to a team of healthcare professionals when there are so many constantly changing variables & an unclear immediate future.”

Describe why you chose to become a nurse 

I always knew I wanted to become a nurse. I became an EMT in 1994 and an ED Tech in 2001.  However, in June 2001, my 2 year old son had a nonfatal near drowning accident and, after spending 3 months at CHMC, my son was diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury. At that point I knew I wanted to be a critical care flight nurse.

In 2008, I graduated from nursing school and started working as an ICU nurse, moonlighting in our local ED as an ED nurse. In 2012 I got the phone call of my dreams. I was offered a flight nurse job! Since then I retired in 2015 to pursue my BSN and climb the corporate ladder as an Assistant Nurse Manger. I have been in my current role as the ED Nurse Manager of Mercy Anderson since July 2019.

Being part of the Mercy team has been amazing! The support and encouragement has given me the confidence to lead the ED into uncharted COVID territory.

Describe your most rewarding day on the job

When my team goes home with smiles on their faces knowing that they have changed the lives of our patients.

Describe your most challenging day on job

When I feel that I have let them down. They are my family. I lay in bed at night worrying about them and their families; their safety. If a staff member is injured or becomes exposed during their shift, I feel responsible. I have worked very hard with Infection Control to ensure that my staff is VERY safe during their shifts.

Do you have any nurse hacks or lessons learned in the field you would like to share with others?

Always trust your gut!

For those looking for a way to help others, is there a charity you suggest?

Ronald McDonald House. They are a wonderful resource for families going through the worst times of their lives.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you for the recognition. I am humbled because I wouldn’t be half the nurse or Manager I am today without the support of my family, my mentors or the leadership here at Mercy Anderson.

Thank you for all you do, Tiffany!

Tiffany’s Nomination

Tiffany is new to her leadership role as the manager of the Emergency Department at Mercy Health Anderson Hospital. Despite that, she has more than stepped up as a leader during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. She has connected with her team to ensure they have a good understanding of what is happening, how to properly care for these patients, how to preserve PPE while also ensuring staff have what they need to also protect themselves, putting processes in place to keep all patients & staff safe, & getting out on the front lines with the staff to care for patients. She has collaborated with her staff & other departments throughout the hospital to ensure everything is in place for staff & patients to avoid delays & confusion.

Tiffany’s leadership has helped to pull the entire ED team together during an uncertain time & has demonstrated what true leadership can do to a team of healthcare professionals when there are so many constantly changing variables & an unclear immediate future.


Sheila Palmer, DNP, MSHA, RN, NE-BC
Director of Cardiovascular Services, East Sites
Director of Critical Care & Women’s Services, Anderson Hospital

Thank you for helping us honor Tiffany and the profession of nursing, Sheila. We salute you! 


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