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Make the Most of Blending Workforce Generations

With the mix of four different generations in the workforce trying to balance their competing values and priorities, it’s easy to see how quickly challenges could arise. When generational differences occur between nursing staff it often results in conflict or job dissatisfaction. This is why it’s crucial to recognize unique characteristics and understand expectations of […]

Savvy Ways to Handle Large Nurse Scheduling Gaps

You know how it goes. You’re in one of those periods where staffing is humming along. You have a great core group of nurses, and they rarely call off. For weeks you’ve hardly had to look at your staffing matrix. And then six of your nurses announce they’re pregnant at the same time. Naturally, you’re […]

How Telehealth Affects Nurse Staffing

Across the U.S., hospital systems are adopting telehealth programs at a rapid pace. Telehealth allows providers to care for larger numbers of patients in a cost-effective manner, improve continuity of care and take their high-quality care into the community – especially to rural populations. No wonder healthcare organizations are jumping aboard the telehealth train. Nurses […]

Promote a Safe Work Environment for Your Nurses

Nurses may work on the frontline, but it shouldn’t feel like they’re engaging with an enemy. They have a significant amount of contact with patients and may perform procedures which can cause discomfort or pain. These factors, and others such as inadequate staffing and nurse bullying, can place nurses at an increased risk for physical […]

Address the Nursing Shortage by Being Proactive

If you’re the chief nursing officer (CNO), most likely the nursing shortage is foremost on your mind. If your organization has yet to endure the struggle of recruiting and retaining quality nurses, there’s a good possibility that it will soon. The combination of various factors could result in this age-old staffing problem and continue for […]

Nurse Shortage Taking a Toll on Staff Morale

No one doubts the nurse shortage exists – and it’s getting worse. A recent survey of 200 nurse executives found that 70% of Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) said their organization was experiencing a moderate, significant or severe shortage. And those CNOs expect the shortage to worsen over at least the next five years. The survey also […]

4 Vacation Scheduling Tips for Nurse Managers

Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror. Schools let out weeks ago. Soon the summer vacation requests will begin hitting your desk – if they haven’t already. Vacation time gives nurses the chance to refresh and recharge. Taking an extended block of time off work can help them avoid compassion fatigue and nurse burnout. You […]

Boosting Staff Engagement May Improve the Bottom Line

Boosting Staff Engagement

Disengaged staff, including nurses, can be costly to a healthcare organization in several ways: High staff turnover Increased rates of medical errors Reduced productivity The polling company Gallup estimates the “cost of poor management and lost productivity from employees in the U.S. who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged to be between $960 […]

CNOs on Preventing Burnout and Other Thoughts

In early 2018, Modern Healthcare convened a roundtable of leading Chief Nursing Officers to discuss challenges nurses face today, the ways in which the role of nurses has changed in the value-based care environment and other issues. Here we present some of the key takeaways from that roundtable, along with our own insights. 1. Preventing […]

Fostering a Culture of Nurse Leadership

The AONE conference kicks off next month with the theme “Inspiring Leaders.” And while it may seem obvious that cultivating nurse leadership benefits the profession, it may be less clear how fostering a culture of nurse leadership benefits your organization. Why support and encourage nurses who aspire to leadership positions? And how can you facilitate […]