Saving Time With ShiftWizard

Saving Time With ShiftWizard

Self-scheduling through ShiftWizard is a flexible system designed to reduce the scheduling burden on managers and to improve the job satisfaction of employees who want more control and transparency into their schedules.


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Meredith Petty


“I would say the primary benefit has been time-savings, realized through ShiftWizard’s self-scheduling and template-based scheduling capabilities. I estimate that ShiftWizard allows us to do in just 12 hours, what would have taken at least 24 using our previous solution, and at least a week using a paper-based system.”

Scott Staup, RN

Labor & Delivery Nurse Manager

“ShiftWizard has significantly reduced the amount of time we spend on scheduling, freeing us up to do all of those other things.”

Jennifer Lampert

Assistant Director of Nursing

“Before, I would have to call all 10 charge nurses, each one would have to look at their schedule and then get back to me. Now, I can click on a tab in ShiftWizard and see everyone who is in overtime. That ability had created a significant time savings.”