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More Nurses = Lower Costs: The Surprising Truth

On-Demand Webinar

Learn how to convince your leadership team that more FTE nurses will lead to savings not higher costs!

As hospitals continue to struggle with financial challenges, they must understand that simply decreasing the number of full-time nursing positions is not the answer. Labor costs, direct and indirect, are obviously impacted by staffing but the cost of poor nurse staffing reaches well beyond just payroll, financially impacting hospitals in a number of other areas. Chief Nursing Officer, Shane Parker, RN, will break down the expected and often unexpected costs that short-staffed nursing departments have on the finances of a hospital. From overtime and turnover to patient throughput and readmission rates, this comprehensive review will give you the data and talking points needed to push for optimal nurse staffing ratios within your organization.

You will learn:

  • The latest data on how nurse staffing affects a hospital’s bottom line
  • How to quantify the impact of turnover, overtime, burnout, etc.
  • How to convince your leadership team that more FTEs will lead to savings not higher costs!

About the Speaker

Shane Parker Shane Parker, RN Chief Nursing Officer and Co-founder of ShiftWizard, Inc.
Prior to co-founding ShiftWizard in 2007, Shane spent 14 years as a nurse. That experience included nursing and supervisory roles in emergency rooms, critical care transport, and invasive cardiology, ranging from a small community hospital to a large level-1 trauma center. While still working on the critical care transport team, Shane co-founded, grew and managed ShiftWizard before retiring from nursing in 2010 to manage and focus on the company full-time. In 2015, Shane was one of an elite group of workforce industry experts selected to form the Advisory Board for Workforce Management at the American Nurse’s Association in Washington, D.C., a collaborative effort dedicated to synthesizing nursing innovation and technology to drive quality in health care delivery. Shane attended East Carolina University before earning his Associate of Science in Nursing from Sandhills Community College.