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Meet Hunter Haddock: Guiding ShiftWizard Customers Through a Satisfied Service Experience

As senior support specialist at ShiftWizard, Hunter Haddock knows that the first step in delivering excellent customer service is building a great product. Fortunately for him, the company was founded on this principle and the product development team continues this business practice today.

With quality service standards in place, Hunter and his support team play a key role in helping ShiftWizard consistently achieve a 98 to 99 percent customer satisfaction rating. His team is also responsible for helping the company exceed industry customer service standards (as reported by Zendesk), often responding within 15 minutes during regular business hours, with an average response time of less than one hour, 76 percent of the time. A customer support specialist is always on call, and a company-wide policy ensures that no response exceeds more than 4 hours, even on weekends.

In a recent Zendesk blog post about customer service, one source compares customer service to being a river guide. Hunter can certainly relate to that analogy, as he earns the trust of ShiftWizard customers by safely guiding them through sometimes challenging situations.

“I love my job, especially when I really connect with a customer. They know my name and honestly sound excited to talk to me. Based on my personal experience, I don’t think that is a typical reaction to dealing with customer support,” he jokes.

All joking aside, Hunter takes his job seriously. He defines the three key pillars of customer support as:

  • Response time
  • Resolution time
  • Communication

“I have a good grasp on what I need to do and am confident that I can do it. With each customer, I strive to find the right balance of friendliness and professionalism. Most importantly, I just want to let the customer know they are being taken care of while being as supportive and transparent as possible,” explains Hunter.

Another recent Zendesk blog post presents the premise that the “best ticket is the one that’s never created,” but Hunter begs to differ. ShiftWizard recently received the following “trouble ticket” from a customer:  “I don’t need any help. Just wanted to say how much I love ShiftWizard! Genius!”

“For a customer to take the time to submit something like that really means a lot, and it’s a testament to everyone in the company,” expressed Hunter.

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