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Making CNOs Lives Easier with Healthcare-Based Scheduling Software

Can we start by saying most CNOs love their job? But everyone’s work life can be improved. Healthcare-based scheduling software can make your life as a CNO better than you might have imagined.

ShiftWizard can improve the quality of your work life by enhancing your team’s job satisfaction, building an exceptional nursing culture throughout your organization and helping you control the bottom line. All that from scheduling software? Yes!

Improve your nurses’ job satisfaction

As a CNO, you probably don’t directly hear much of the grumbling from the floor. Most nurses love what they do, but sometimes administrative issues like chronic understaffing can contribute to complaints of burnout or low morale. When these concerns eventually do reach your ears, you need to act pronto to turn things around before the facility’s nursing culture takes a hit.

ShiftWizard can help you do that. When you activate the self-scheduling function of the software, for example, your organization’s nurses can take charge of their own work schedule to achieve better work-life balance. Your nurses will feel valued and empowered by taking control of their work hours – and when your nurses are happy, your life as a CNO improves immeasurably.

Build a culture that attracts and keeps nurses

If recruitment and retention costs chew up your bottom line, ShiftWizard serves as a tool for creating an organizational culture that attracts and keeps nurses. “Generation Y and Z nurses, for example, tend to be very tech-focused,” said Shane Parker, RN, co-founder and Chief Nursing Officer of Shift Wizard. “These nurses want technology at their fingertips, and ShiftWizard literally gives them just that with the ability to schedule themselves, request PTO or offer to swap shifts using their smartphone.” Later, as these nurses move into supervisory positions, they will value the features and functions ShiftWizard offers for managing staffing.

Keep the budget balanced

Performing as a CNO in today’s value-driven healthcare environment can be stressful. Juggling staffing needs while keeping control of the budget can cause any CNO to lose sleep.

ShiftWizard can reduce your budgeting stress by giving you an enterprise-wide view of scheduling that enables you to reduce your reliance on agency nurses and stop paying unnecessary overtime. Staff sharing becomes easy when you can instantly see Department A is overstaffed while Department B requires extra nursing help. With the click of a button, your nurse managers can reallocate staff to ensure your patient care needs are met without calling in expensive agency nurses.

Scheduling software also can help you reduce overtime. Take the common situation where a nurse from one unit floats out to a different unit on her day off, which will put her into an overtime situation with her next shift – unbeknownst to her regular charge nurse. ShiftWizard highlights every nurse who is about to go into overtime status to allow unit managers to allocate work hours equitably among staff without paying unnecessarily for overtime.

That’s three ways CNOs can use scheduling software to make their lives easier, but let’s add a fourth: you’ll look great at the next board meeting when you present a report on how you reduced overtime expenses by 50 to 75 percent, as other ShiftWizard clients have done. From making staffing easier to keeping the budget balanced, every CNO should leverage the rewards of scheduling software to improve their quality of life on the job.

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ShiftWizard makes nurse scheduling and communication easy, so you can focus on what really matters—improving patient outcomes.