Product Tip: Communicate via Message Center


Communicate via ShiftWizard's Message Center

Did you know? ShiftWizard™ offers a full-featured Communication Center stacked on top of its scheduling solution with the ability to send segmented messages via email, text, voicemail or internal message. The integrated Communication Center allows staff to accept shifts in as little as one click, ensuring that internal decisions are always reflected in real-time on the staffing worksheet. With 4 highly configurable messaging channels you can interact with staff using email and internal messaging, interactive voicemail, and text messaging.

ShiftWizard Communication Center

The Messaging Center allows users to keep staff and leadership alike informed of key events occurring in real time.

  • General Communication & Announcements (staff meetings)
  • Shift Management
  • Trauma Call (or other groups)
  • Policy & Procedure Changes/Updates
  • Disaster Preparedness, Mass Incidents, Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Key events such as Accreditation or Regulatory visits (i.e. The Joint Commission (TJC), Department of Health (DOH), among others)

You can find your messaging center when you click on the bell in the upper right corner. From there you can check your inbox, send messages and see new messages.

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