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Improve Communication Without Saying a Word

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s exactly why ShiftWizard clients love our library of pictures or, as we call them, icons. In ShiftWizard, icons are eye-catching images that quickly communicate information, such as assignments or scheduling preferences. We like to think of it as intuitive scheduling shorthand. Picture It One of […]

What Do You Mean You “Didn’t Get the Memo”?

When you decided to move up the nursing career ladder into a management position you may not have thought it meant you would become the Credentialer In Chief for your department. After all, you make it a point to keep track of your own CEs, ACLS expiration date and license renewal information. Why should you […]

3 Creative Strategies to Reduce Turnover Among ER Nurses

Nurse turnover in the Emergency Department often runs high due to burnout, compassion fatigue and injury. According to a report issued by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), an estimated one in five emergency room nurses leaves the profession within his or her first year of hire. And up to one-third leave within two years. This […]

Improve Employee Happiness to Calm Job-Hopping Tendencies

Why Your Nurses Might Be Job-Hopping – and What to Do About It If you’ve noticed some job-hopping tendencies among nurses these days, you’re not alone. A recent Robert Half survey showed 64 percent of professionals across industries viewed job-hopping positively. And, in case you’re wondering, it is true that workers from the younger generations […]

When Good Managers Leave: How to Create a Smooth Transition for Staff

Every hospital has at least one: The nurse manager who performs like a superstar. The staff nurses love her so much they would follow her into a burning building, and she performs the business functions of her position with thoroughness and excellence. This is the type of nurse manager that makes a CNO’s life easier, […]

Patient Perception Can Increase Frustration

Many things have changed in healthcare, but patient expectations regarding their nursing care has not. Technology provides a vast amount of accessible information, which has contributed to conditioning our society to expect immediate gratification and may provide unrealistic, confusing or inaccurate healthcare information. These misconceptions could affect the patient’s trust and compliance with their healthcare […]

Make the Most of Blending Workforce Generations

With the mix of four different generations in the workforce trying to balance their competing values and priorities, it’s easy to see how quickly challenges could arise. When generational differences occur between nursing staff it often results in conflict or job dissatisfaction. This is why it’s crucial to recognize unique characteristics and understand expectations of […]

What’s Your Disaster Preparedness Plan?

We may not all have to cope with volcanic eruptions the way Hawaii recently has, but natural disasters, infectious disease epidemics, workplace violence, mass-casualty events like transportation accidents and other emergency scenarios can occur at any time. These types of incidents affect healthcare facilities and systems in several different ways. On the one hand, your hospital […]

3 Reasons Texting Can Help Your Healthcare Organization

How Texting Can Help Your Healthcare Org

By nature, healthcare is an always-on industry. Your employees—no matter what their roles—have a lot on their plates. From direct patient care to administrative duties, every detail matters. With so much information flying around the facility, communication can be difficult. You can’t afford for something to slip through the cracks because your patients are counting […]

Recognizing the Signs of PTSD in ED Nurses

Many people don’t realize the role of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the medical field. It’s estimated that one in ten emergency workers have some form of PTSD, which is much higher than the PTSD rate in the general population. One reason nurses might be so stricken with PTSD is because of the difficult things […]