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Solution Guide to Balancing Nurse Workload

Maintaining proper nurse staffing levels to deliver quality patient care requires a transparent and data-driven process. One unit may be short-staffed with a surge of patients while another might be ready to send nurses home due to low census. But, how do you know? Having insight into the staffing needs across the enterprise allows managers […]

CNO Roundup Aug ’19 Trends To Watch

At the end of each calendar year, various prognosticators offer their predictions for healthcare trends they believe will gain momentum the following year. Some of those predictions pan out and change a CNOs life (electronic health records, anyone?), while others fizzle. In this eBook, we look at 2019 trends that bear continued watchfulness because they […]

All About ShiftWizard’s Nurse Scheduling App & How it Makes Life Better

Why a Nurse Scheduling App is Important These days, it seems there’s an app for everything. This includes mobile apps for nurse scheduling technology. When you are choosing a nurse scheduling software, simply having an app is not enough any longer—you need more. Is the software compatible online and in the app? Does the app […]

Buyer’s Guide: Nurse Scheduling Software – 8 Tech Questions to Ask

This easy-to-read buying guide offers you eight key tech questions to ask vendors before purchasing a nurse scheduling software product. The guide won’t turn you into a software engineer — but it might make you sound like the smartest person in the room during vendor interviews.

5 Ways ShiftWizard Saves Your Time as a Nurse Manager

ShiftWizard scheduling software gives you back hours of time — precious minutes to spend on your top priorities instead of piddling administrative details. ShiftWizard reduces the amount of time you must spend on managerial tasks by: Eliminating manual data entry related to new hires & terminations Automatically passing shift incentives over to your payroll vendor […]

Overwhelming Process of Healthcare Scheduling

Nurse managers spend up to 40 hours or more building schedules with ongoing changes to track. Download our free infographic to find out how you can solve the problem of scheduling.

Better Workforce Management Improves the Bottom Line

The impact of better workforce management reaches beyond just labor costs, financially impacting hospitals in a number of other areas. Download the educational PDF to learn from the experience of nurse leaders on how improving workforce scheduling and communication can impact: Reducing overtime Increasing productivity Improving staff retention Better patient care