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ICONS from ShiftWizard – St. Bernards Medical Center, Jonesboro, AR

The ShiftWizard ICON Database

With COVID continuing to spike to record levels across the country, hospital leaders are being forced to make changes to their processes and the systems that support them – with staff scheduling and resource management being some of the most important changes. In order to address the demands and complexities of nurse scheduling today, many are turning to ShiftWizard’s many unique features to alleviate these challenges. One such feature is ShiftWizard’s large, varied, and easily customizable icon database.

Access to and visibility of key information during a shift is paramount, especially when trying to quickly mobilize your staff and create new departments on the fly. ShiftWizard’s large database of icons provides that quick visibility. ShiftWizard customers can use our ever-growing database of icons to quickly and effectively add more choices and provide immediate access to key information — such as new pay codes and staff restrictions.


At St. Bernards Medical Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas, icons were created to support new COVID-specific pay codes–a necessary function for the significant, COVID-related changes the hospital was facing. As soon as St. Bernard’s established the pay codes for specific COVID related flex hours and cancellations, the ShiftWizard customer success team created and supplied the new icons and mapped them to the new pay codes.

Like St. Bernards, every ShiftWizard customer has a dedicated customer success representative in addition to a 24/7 support team. With this level of service and support, ShiftWizard customers have access to resources to assist them with a variety of needs, both technical and consultative.

Ashley Hufstedler, Nursing Director, Patient Service Resource Center, St. Bernards Medical Center, highlights how her hospital used icons to manage critical resources:

“With ShiftWizard, we were able to quickly add and configure COVID related icons to use to help us manage the details of staffing and special pay that our organization added. This ability to quickly adapt, manage, and redirect our resources is critical to our hospital operations.”

Icons became a critical piece of the COVID puzzle for another ShiftWizard customer when they suddenly needed icons to designate who could and could not receive an isolation patient.  When staff was being deployed or assigned within a department, this key information was visible to charge nurses assigning patients via unique icons, once again allowing nurse management quick, easy access to vital information.

As many hospitals continue to struggle with rigid legacy software that simply wasn’t designed to keep pace with the changes driven by the pandemic, leaders at many ShiftWizard customer sites are able to react and adapt swiftly – while remaining flexible with their workforce strategies. Features as seemingly simple as icons are all the more critical in times like this — when hospital leaders must respond quickly to ever-changing demands and situations.

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