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New Office Space Boosts Productivity and Collaboration

ShiftWizard is excited to announce that it has moved to a new office space. The larger space (3x the size of the former office) enables the company to create an environment that will contribute to continued customer and employee growth, and will more accurately represent the company’s culture.

“We were in our last space for more than three years. While it served its purpose, it didn’t allow for us to grow and certainly didn’t reflect the company culture and personality we wanted to convey to our employees or customers,” said co-founder Shane Parker.

To support continued customer demand and increasing market share, the company has doubled its staff over the past year. The expanded square footage accommodates that employee growth and leaves plenty of room for future growth.

“Supporting that growth may have been our top priority, but it goes well beyond that. For us, it allows us to create a space that represents who we are as a company, and who we want to become,” added Shane.

The new office includes training rooms tailored to help even more customers create success with ShiftWizard, as well as numerous conference rooms and collaborative workspaces to foster team interaction. It even features a lounge area with a purple couch and comfy chairs where employees can get away for a few minutes or gather for an informal meeting.

And, the new building offers a number of shared amenities including a café, gym, and recreation area with a pool table, ping-pong table, and TVs. The ShiftWizard team has already used that space to host Friday afternoon ping-pong tournaments, and to share a few beers in celebration of weekly customer wins.

The goal was to create an environment that promotes a higher level of productivity and collaboration among employees. Good leaders know that happy employees make for happy clients!

Making employees happy goes beyond the walls of an office, as demonstrated by the company’s recent Durham Bulls outing, featuring a VIP-level suite, catered spread, and double-header.

Those happy employees are playing an active role in ensuring the new office truly represents them and ShiftWizard as a whole. When company leaders asked employees to share their favorite quotes, they didn’t know those quotes would be turned into colorful artwork featured throughout the space. While most focus on leadership, success and inspiration, a few offer a glimpse into the sense of humor that ShiftWizard employees share.
“I never wanted to be a person that gets ready in the morning and hates going to work. I always wanted to wake up and be excited about my job. I want the same thing for our employees. I want them to be passionate about ShiftWizard, and to feel good about being part of a company that is truly making work easier and life better for our customers,” expressed Shane.


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