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Company Announcement

Banner Quarter Establishes ShiftWizard as a Company to Watch in 2018

Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC, January 16, 2017 – ShiftWizard™, a leading provider of workforce management software for the healthcare industry, announced today details of their momentum and growth through 2017. ShiftWizard has more than doubled their workforce, established a new headquarter office, and completed a banner quarter in Q4 of 2017, creating 7 new strategic healthcare partnerships. ShiftWizard provides staff scheduling and communication software to the healthcare market, enabling clients to reduce their operational costs by optimizing their staff. They experienced 300% bookings growth from Q3 to Q4, and 140% in year-to-year bookings growth.  This success comes on the heels of securing $3 Million in funding from Altitude Ventures, Resolute Venture Partners, and Dioko Ventures.

“We are proud of the organic growth and success we experienced since founding ShiftWizard, and we have been able to leverage our recent funding to take our offering to the next level,” notes Shane Parker, Chief Nursing Officer and Co-Founder at ShiftWizard. “ShiftWizard was founded by nurses for healthcare and it is our continued vision to provide caregivers with technology that fits their needs and makes their lives easier.  Our corporate goal is to push the limits of healthcare technology, challenging the industry to improve by providing the best-fit tools and provoking conversation and innovation.”

ShiftWizard’s team grew by over 100% through 2017, including 150% growth of nurses on staff.  As a company founded “by nurses for healthcare,” ShiftWizard has maintained its identity by ensuring at least 20% of staff are active or previous Registered Nurses.  Recent additions include senior leader Jeremy Brewer, Vice President of Sales, as well as highly-experienced sales team members that bring over 50 years of combines healthcare experience.

ShiftWizard’s new corporate headquarters in RTP, NC was developed with space and infrastructure to support the team as they continue to grow.  New investments in sales and marketing led to rapid customer expansion in 2017, and in response to the increase in customer demands, ShiftWizard has significantly bolstered their implementation and training teams.  Additionally, ShiftWizard’s commitment to ongoing innovation, as well as application security and stability, has driven the growth of ShiftWizard’s product development team which more than doubled in size over the course of 2017.

Joe Velk, ShiftWizard CEO, adds “ShiftWizard has emerged as an industry leader in staff scheduling and workforce management for healthcare organizations.  We have observed a shift in the healthcare ecosystem where more organizations and departments are seeking out best-of-breed vendors to meet their specific needs. A strong fourth quarter in 2017 has added significant customers to our loyal client base, which positions us for a breakout year in 2018.  We are confident that the company will continue to grow organically and through strategic partnerships, allowing ShiftWizard to continue to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.”

ShiftWizard maintains a corporate vision to improve the patient care, staff satisfaction, and profitability of healthcare organizations by revolutionizing the way they manage and communicate with their workforce.  For more information about ShiftWizard staff scheduling offerings, please visit

About ShiftWizard

ShiftWizard makes healthcare staff scheduling & communication easy, so leaders can focus on what really matters–improving patient outcomes.

ShiftWizard’s workforce management software was designed by nurses specifically for healthcare organizations.  ShiftWizard offers integrations with all major EMR and Time & Attendance systems to enable cost-effective decision making based on real-time Worked Hours per Unit of Service measures such as HPPD and HPPV.

ShiftWizard’s clients range from nation-wide enterprise health systems to regional skilled nursing facilities.

For more information, visit