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Company Announcement

In Honor of National Nurses Week, ShiftWizard Showcases Staff Reward and Incentive Functionality

Morrisville, N.C. May 11, 2017 – In honor of National Nurses Week, and the more than 3 million nurses in the US, ShiftWizard is showcasing its staff incentive capabilities as part of its advanced workforce optimization solution for both direct-patient and non-direct patient healthcare personnel.

As healthcare organizations face an unprecedented nursing shortage, incentive programs for nurses and other healthcare staff are gaining popularity. While nursing is currently one of the fastest-growing occupations in the US, with more than 3 million nurses representing the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, the US is expected to experience more than 1.2 million vacancies for registered nurses by 2022.

ShiftWizard initially designed its staff incentive points and rewards system to help their customers improve staff morale, increase staff retention and reduce staff turnover; but research shows that these programs offer a number of additional benefits. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses even specifically cites meaningful recognition as one of six key standards for healthy work environments.

  • Additional benefits of successful staff incentive programs can include:
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Reduced overtime
  • Increased patient satisfaction (happy staff, happy patients)
  • Improved profits

With ShiftWizard, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have the flexibility to offer “packaged” rewards through partnering loyalty marketplaces and catalogs or to create custom rewards such as local concerts, sporting events, and/or dining experiences. Staff can earn points for any number of achievements, activities or metrics.

Swedish Covenant Hospital is one customer already leveraging ShiftWizard to create a staff incentive program. “Although we’ve only just started our rewards program, we can already see the effect. Our staff is excited about the rewards offered and are participating in ways to earn points by actually looking for extra shifts to work and volunteering to float,” explained Kathy Denofrio, Vice President, Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

“We are constantly searching for new ways to help support our customers and to help them address their staffing challenges. We are excited to offer them an easy way to reward staff, build staff morale and reduce staff turnover, as part of their overall workforce optimization strategy,” said Christian Pardue, co-founder, ShiftWizard.

ShiftWizard, developed by nurses for healthcare organizations, provides advanced workforce optimization for both direct-patient and non-direct patient healthcare personnel with staff scheduling, productivity management, predictive analytics, communication tools and more.

The company’s solution is ideally suited to meet the workforce management needs of healthcare organizations, including:

  • Acute care hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Long-term acute care (LTAC)
  • Outpatient clinics (e.g., surgical centers, urgent care clinics)
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Correctional healthcare facilities
  • Mental health facilities
  • Military/veteran hospitals and clinics

About ShiftWizard

With more than 50 years of combined nursing experience and more than 24 years of direct patient care experience, ShiftWizard founders Shane Parker, RN, and Christian Pardue, RN, set out to create a solution to address the scheduling challenges and frustrations they directly experienced throughout their careers. They were industry pioneers, introducing the first 100 percent web-based scheduling solution for the healthcare industry in 2007.

They have since expanded the solution’s workforce optimization capabilities to include scheduling, staff communications, productivity management, enterprise-wide workforce optimization and predictive analytics. ShiftWizard has grown its customer base to more than 100,000 users today. Their dedication to developing innovative technology and delivering unmatched customer service has paid off, earning them a nearly 100 percent customer retention rate and 98 percent customer support satisfaction rate.

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