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Nurse Leader Weekly 10/22

In Case You Missed It …

Historic First Male President of the American Nurse Association

Tuesday, October 11

Ernest Grant, a nurse from North Carolina’s Jaycee Burn Center at UNC Hospitals will become the first man ever to hold the position of President of the American Nurses Association. Grant ran and was elected “overwhelmingly” by his colleagues.


The Crossroads of Healthcare and AI

Sunday, October 21

Artificial Intelligence is only now beginning to shape healthcare. The applications for AI in the space will have profound effects as device sensors are layered with programs designed to detect illness. CEO of Saykara, Harijinder Sandhu talks about how AI is reshaping healthcare.


Healthcare is Top Issue On Voter’s Mind

Sunday, October 21
The CT Mirror

Healthcare is the hottest issue for voters headed into midterm elections. Surprisingly, not a lot of candidates are giving the issue the spotlight it deservers.


75,000 Records Accessed By Hackers In Government Health Insurance System Breach

Saturday, October 20
CT Mirror

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, on October 13th, it found “anomalous activity” in the FFE’s Direct Enrollment pathway used by agents and brokers used by people applying for health insurance.


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