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Nurse Leader Weekly 11/26

In Case You Missed It …

How Cannabis Legislation Will Affect Nurses

Tuesday, November 20

Today’s nurses must now become familiar with the effects of cannabis on a patient. For patients with qualifying conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, terminal illnesses, and chronic nausea, the use of the treatment and it’s effects could vary. New legislation is ushering in new protocols for the substance.


London Public Transportation Bans Junk Food Ads

Friday, November 23

In an effort to curb childhood obesity rates, London Mayor Sadiq Khan banned products including sugary drinks, cheeseburgers, chocolate, and salted nuts from advertising on the city’s network. The U.K.’s capital has one of Europe’s highest childhood obesity rates with almost 40 percent of children living in the city classes as overweight or obese.


The Ongoing Investigation of AFM or Acute Flaccid Myelitis

Monday, November 26
AJN Off The Charts

A Polio-like illness made headlines in recent weeks in what was known as acute flaccid myelitis. There have been 404 confirmed cases of AFM in the U.S. since 2014. The CDC emphasizes it still is unsure of the cause of the illness, who is at a higher risk for AFM, as well as the long-term consequences of AFM.


GM Is Taking A Different Approach To Healthcare Delivery

Monday, November 26

General Motors signed a deal with Henry Ford Health Systems to provide healthcare and wellness services to GM employees and their families throughout southeast Michigan. Employers are seeing an increase in their role in the health of their employees lives.


Innovations To Be Thankful For This Year

Wednesday, November 21
Healthcare IT News

The Healthcare Industry has seen a number of technological innovations in the past year and is predicted to see more. With investments pouring into the industry, there are sure to be some major disruptions in the near future.


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