Nurse Leader Weekly 12/3
November 27 - December 2

Nurse Leader Weekly 12/3

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Andrew Shingleton
Content Writer

In Case You Missed It …

FDA To Speed Up Medical Equipment Approval Process

Monday, November 26

The FDA is planning to overhaul a 40-year-old clearance process for medical devices. The commissioner says there is new, exciting technology waiting to emerge from the field. Some say the sudden change could leave patients at risk.


Amazon To Use Machine Learning to Mine Patient Data

Wednesday, November 28

Amazon is developing a HIPAA-eligible machine learning tool that will be able to intelligently analyze patient data to reduce the cost of EHR services.


Group of Nurses Win Lottery Then Give It Away

Saturday, December 1

A group of nurses from St. Louis won $10,000 playing the lottery. They decided to give the money to two coworkers, one whose 17-year-old son committed suicide the night of the drawing and another whose husband was battling cancer.


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