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Nurse Leader Weekly 2/11/19

In Case You Missed It …

Nurse Builds ‘Beautiful Tapestry’ Of Diversity At UNC Rex Hospital

Wednesday, February 6

Janie Laurore is a nurse who is making history at UNC Rex Hospital Systems. She celebrates the diversity in her department saying “I’m not going to call it a melting pot as much as I’m going to call it a beautiful tapestry because we celebrate the connection, but we’re still individually who we are.”


Nursing Licenses Delayed, Public Protection At Risk Without More Money, State Board Says

Monday, February 11

A state nursing board warns it needs more money to protect the public from unsafe nurses and eliminate delays in licensing new ones.


8 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Nurses

Monday, February 11

Many Hollywood celebrities are familiar with the nursing industry. In this article we celebrate the celebrities that have spent time working in the nursing industry and gain insight into what they thought of the work.


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