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Nurse Leader Weekly 4/15/19

In Case You Missed It …

PBM Executives Questioned On Drug Pricing Practices By Senate Finance Committee

Monday, April 15

A few months ago, executives from seven drug makers testified on prescription drug prices before the Senate Finance Committee. Now, it’s pharmacy benefit manager’s or PBMs turn to testify and be questioned on their pricing practices.


Fertility doctors say healthy ‘three-parent baby’ born in Greece

Thursday, April 11

Fertility doctors in Greece and Spain claim they made medical history after a healthy baby boy was born using the genetic information from three parents. The infant was born in Greece, weighing about 6 pounds, the doctor said.


Facing Nurses Strike, New York Hospitals Reach Landmark Deal on Staffing

Wednesday, April 10

A union that represents nurses at three New York City hospital reached an agreement with the hospitals that would set minimum ratios of nurses to patients.


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