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Nurse Leader Weekly 9/24

In Case You Missed It …

Nurse seeks reform after violent encounter with patient

Saturday, September 22

An ICU nurse was nearly choked to death by a patient under her care. Now, she is telling her story to spread awareness about hospital violence. Victim, Ashley Schade believes nurses need more protection.


Nurse writes ‘Nola The Nurse’ Children’s Book Collection

Sunday, September 23

Healthcare leader Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker FNP, FAANP, FAAN is redefining healthcare. Recently, she authored a groundbreaking series called ‘Nola The Nurse’ after realizing the lack of books promoting nurse careers to minorities.


New Nurse 911 phone line in D.C. making progress after 90 days

Sunday, September 23
Washington Post

D.C. Fire and EMS officials saw improvements using their new nursing phone line. The program was intended to reduce ambulance trips for patients who don’t need them but the latest reports say that volume is still an issue. “There is a habit or pattern that we need to change” says D.C. medical director.


Community nurses could be pivotal in improving men’s health

Monday, September 24

Men are almost a third less likely to see experts about issues that could be severely affecting their wellbeing. Study shows men that hear phrases like ‘dieting’ and ‘fitness’ from practitioners makes a difference in getting them to take better care of themselves.


DAISY’s Nursing Research Fund closes in on deadline

Monday, September 24

The DAISY Foundation and The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses is a program that was designed to encourage staff nurses to undertake research and evidence-based projects, regardless of their experience.


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