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6 Fascinating Healthcare Trends for CNOs to Watch in 2020

Healthcare Trends 2020

As 2019 winds to a close, CNOs will be contemplating what the coming year might hold in store for them, their organization and their staff members. Some of the coming healthcare trends – in expanded patient care, for example – offer a great opportunity for CNOs to better support patients while potentially creating new revenue […]

Strategies to Thrive as a New CNO

CNO tips

First Year CNO? Use These Strategies to Thrive (Not Just Survive!) The first time you’re appointed Chief Nursing Officer, your gut may be churning with many emotions: pride, a sense of accomplishment, excitement, energy, overwhelm and fear. It’s natural to feel a little intimidated about taking on a senior leadership position for the first time, […]

What Do You Mean You “Didn’t Get the Memo”?

When you decided to move up the nursing career ladder into a management position you may not have thought it meant you would become the Credentialer In Chief for your department. After all, you make it a point to keep track of your own CEs, ACLS expiration date and license renewal information. Why should you […]

Top 10 ShiftWizard Posts of 2018

In 2018, ShiftWizard posted over 50 blogs that received tens of thousands of pageviews.  From educational content to opinion pieces and news roundups, ShiftWizard has developed a deep repository of content for healthcare leaders.  Below you can find our top 10 most popular blogs from 2018. 1. 5 Creative Solutions for the Nursing Shortage 2. Recognizing […]

Are You a Transformational or Transactional Nurse Leader?

Every employment situation represents a transaction. As an employee, you exchange performance for certain rewards, like salary and benefits. The transactional nature of employment exists whether you are a nurse or a barista, and this will never change. But today’s nurse managers can look to a leadership style beyond the mere transaction. Transformational nurse leadership […]

Savvy Ways to Handle Large Nurse Scheduling Gaps

You know how it goes. You’re in one of those periods where staffing is humming along. You have a great core group of nurses, and they rarely call off. For weeks you’ve hardly had to look at your staffing matrix. And then six of your nurses announce they’re pregnant at the same time. Naturally, you’re […]

What’s Your Disaster Preparedness Plan?

We may not all have to cope with volcanic eruptions the way Hawaii recently has, but natural disasters, infectious disease epidemics, workplace violence, mass-casualty events like transportation accidents and other emergency scenarios can occur at any time. These types of incidents affect healthcare facilities and systems in several different ways. On the one hand, your hospital […]

ShiftWizard 2018 Nurses of the Year

2018 Nurses of the Year #nursesweek

It’s an honor to celebrate alongside the nursing community for Nurses Week 2018!  We gave our partners the opportunity to nominate individuals within their organizations that go the extra mile and embody the mentality and traits that make a great nurse.  We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions but have made the final cuts […]

Does Your CNO Succession Plan Address these Key Questions?

cno succession plan shiftwizard blog

High rates of turnover in the healthcare C-suite have been documented for years. In 2017, hospital CEO turnover reached 18 percent, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives, and nurse officers also come and go with frequency. Many of today’s CNOs belong to the Baby Boomer generation, and those leaders, who began retiring in […]

Prediction vs Forecasting: Empowering CNO Success

Prediction vs Forecasting ShiftWizard Blog

The words “predict” and “forecast” sometimes get used interchangeably in healthcare, but they are not the same thing – and knowing when to use prediction versus forecasting (or vice-versa) can empower your success as a nurse executive. Prediction involves using historical data to predict a future outcome. Let’s use a familiar healthcare example: Every year […]