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Nursing News Round-up 6/25

In Case You Missed It …

This Robot Can Extract and Analyze Your Blood

Monday, June 18 Digital Trends A new robotic device has the ability to take blood and analyze the samples. The research is directed by Dr. Max Balter who said, “Diagnostic blood testing is the most common medical routine performed in the world, and forms the cornerstone of modern medicine”

Home News NorthBay Healthcare Nurse Camp exposes students to nursing

Tuesday, June 19 The Reporter News Camp for some means swimming and chants, but NorthBay’s nurse camp teaches high school students how to use a stethoscope, suture wounds, and many other nursing skills. The camp is suppose to encourage and excite students to pursue a career in healthcare.

Joe Biden Thanks Hospice Nurses Who Cared For His Family

Wednesday, June 20 Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a speech and addresses hospice nurses for their incredible work. Biden refers to several experiences that he or loved ones have had encountering hospice. Biden says, “If there are any angels in heaven, they are all nurses.”

House passes bipartisan bill to fight opioid crisis

Friday, June 22 The Hill The House passed a bill in order to fight the opioid abuse epidemic. The House passed additional bills, which contain Medicaid and Medicare reform. The goal of the bill is to educate, provide treatment, and recovery for those affected.