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Nursing News Round-up 7/30

In Case You Missed It …


New York To Pay Nurses $20 Million In Gender Bias Settlement

Saturday, July 28                                                                                                                                                              

Thanks to a special law in New York City, employees who worked “physically taxing” jobs were allowed to collect their full pensions starting at age 50, after 25 years of service, in order to account for the fact that their jobs would be too physically demanding to perform for extended periods of time.


Alene Duerk, Nurse Who Became Navy’s First Female Admiral, Dies At 98

Sunday, July 29
Washington Post

When Alene B. Duerk joined the Navy Nurse Corps, she envisioned a few months’ service to her country followed by a swift return to civilian life. Yet after treating scores of wounded sailors and prisoners of war, she found that the Navy provided a sense of mission and camaraderie that she felt was missing from her workaday life back home.

RI Hospital, Hasbro Nurses Return To Work After Strike

Friday, July 27

It’s off the picket line and back on the job for most union nurses and technologists at Rhode Island and Hasbro Children’s Hospitals, though some had their shifts canceled Friday due to a low patient count at the hospital. The dispute between the union and the hospital is far from over, as the nurses are working without a contract and negotiations are not scheduled to resume until August 8.


Scott Walker’s $200 Million Plan To Lower Obamacare Costs Gets OK From Trump Administration

Sunday, July 29

President Donald Trump’s administration signed off Sunday on Gov. Scott Walker’s $200 million plan to lower Affordable Care Act premiums. It was the latest effort by the GOP governor to work within the confines of Obamacare as he simultaneously tries to end the federal health care law.


Nurse Launches Medical Mission Org. – Here’s How To Join.

Thursday, July 9

Nurses with Purpose is a South Carolina based medical mission organization. Founded in 2008 by Licensed Practical Nurse, Elaine Alston, this organization visits South Africa several times a year to work with mobile medical units to provide care to those living in rural settlements.