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Nursing News Round-up 6/5

In Case You Missed It …

A Good Age: Betty Beecher, Weymouth Honor Cadet Nurses

Monday, May 28 Braintree Forum Cadet Nurses: The ones who saved U.S. civilian and military hospitals during WWII honored. “It is important to understand that student nurses accomplished this,” said honoree Elizabeth “Betty” Beecher. Click on the link below for the full story.


Preemie Webcams Give Families Peace of Mind

Tuesday, May 29 U.S. News Webcams installed for each infant within neonatal intensive care units around the country’s hospitals. The webcams bring peace-of-mind to parents and keep the germs away. Click on the link below for the full story.


Birth Control Pills Recalled Over Potential Pregnancy Risk

Wednesday, May 30 U.S. News Birth control pills might lead to pregnancy, which led to a recall of 170,000 birth control pill packs. Allegedly, the error was in the order of the packaging.


Nurses, UVM Medical Center Remain at Odds Over Contract

Thursday, May 31 Vermont’s Independent Voice The nurses at the University of Vermont Medical Center allege twenty labor violations, including unlawful unilateral changes to staffing grids and unlawful ordering of employees to remove union buttons. The nurse have filed a complaint against the hospital with the National Labor Relations Board. Striking is an option if its demands are not met when the contract runs out on July 9.

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