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How to Keep Nursing Staff Motivated & Engaged

ShiftWizard Workforce Management system integration

As a nurse, it’s easy to become burned out. Whether it’s because of a staff shortage, long working hours or the unpredictability and stress from the pandemic, nurses can become overwhelmed with their workload and lose motivation to provide quality care. As referenced in a HealthLeaders article, The Joint Commission acknowledges nurse burnout as “among […]

18 Nurse Engagement Ideas for Better Recruitment & Retention

The Mega List of Nurse Engagement Ideas CNOs can Use for Better Recruitment and Retention It’s a simple question with complex answers: Why do nurses leave? As a CNO, you strive to offer your clinicians great benefits, shared governance, nurse self-scheduling and many other perks that make your hospital a great place to forge a […]

When Your Nurses are Caregivers at Home

The importance of a healthy professional and personal life balance can’t be denied, but what happens when this division blurs? A nurse’s job can be demanding, so practicing good self-care and incorporating time for rest is essential to remain productive. Yet many nurses may end their workday only to continue this role as a caregiver […]

5 Tips for Retaining Nurse Talent

  Nurse leaders are often so busy recruiting new employees that it’s possible to lose focus on the employees we want to retain. These are the nurses we wish we could clone, so keeping them satisfied with their job, and your organization is important. Don’t forget to work to retain these employees by conducting retention […]

Don’t Stop with Diversity, Focus on Inclusion

An organization may be able to navigate the ever-changing, dynamic healthcare environment better if they employ a diverse workforce. This important part of achieving success and growth has had many nurse leaders striving to recruit diverse employees, although that’s just the first step. If the organizational culture doesn’t foster inclusion, efforts at increasing organizational diversity […]

How Using ShiftWizard Improves Your Life as a CNO

Chief Nursing Officers often feel constant pressure to control costs while maintaining high patient care standards, recruiting and retaining nurses and enhancing staff morale. That’s a lot to juggle. You can recapture some of your professional quality of life with just one easy action, though: deploy scheduling software. Surprised? Discover these three ways your life […]

Improve Your Recruitment Efforts by Nurturing Staff Morale

Sometimes it might seem easier to hire new nurses rather than address issues with poor morale among your current staff. Improving your company’s external package might help to recruit nurses, but it might not retain them. Negative staff morale can infect your new and future hires and drain them of their desire to stay. Investing […]

3 Creative Strategies to Reduce Turnover Among ER Nurses

Nurse turnover in the Emergency Department often runs high due to burnout, compassion fatigue and injury. According to a report issued by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), an estimated one in five emergency room nurses leaves the profession within his or her first year of hire. And up to one-third leave within two years. This […]

Improve Employee Happiness to Calm Job-Hopping Tendencies

Why Your Nurses Might Be Job-Hopping – and What to Do About It If you’ve noticed some job-hopping tendencies among nurses these days, you’re not alone. A recent Robert Half survey showed 64 percent of professionals across industries viewed job-hopping positively. And, in case you’re wondering, it is true that workers from the younger generations […]

When Good Managers Leave: How to Create a Smooth Transition for Staff

Every hospital has at least one: The nurse manager who performs like a superstar. The staff nurses love her so much they would follow her into a burning building, and she performs the business functions of her position with thoroughness and excellence. This is the type of nurse manager that makes a CNO’s life easier, […]