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Nurse Shortage Taking a Toll on Staff Morale

No one doubts the nurse shortage exists – and it’s getting worse. A recent survey of 200 nurse executives found that 70% of Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) said their organization was experiencing a moderate, significant or severe shortage. And those CNOs expect the shortage to worsen over at least the next five years. The survey also […]

Improved Reimbursements via Patient Experience & Value-Based Care

Today’s healthcare consumer expects a customer-service oriented experience that extends well beyond simply receiving adequate medical interventions. And healthcare systems have been working to improve the overall patient experience because it (as measured by HCAHPS surveys) can affect their reimbursements in the value-based purchasing model. Yet even though the concept of “patient experience” is a […]

Nurse Leaders: Balancing Patient Care and Staff Management

ShiftWizard Staff Scheduling Solution

As a healthcare provider, the patient should always come first. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the needs of your nursing staff. In fact, evidence shows that poor staff management by nursing leaders can lead to disastrous errors on the job. In order to prevent these errors and improve patient care, it’s the job […]