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Self-Scheduling to Ease Nurse Burnout

According to a recent NurseGrid/Keener survey of over 12,000 nurses*, only 15% of nurses strongly agree that they are able to manage feelings of burnout. Fifty-eight percent strongly agree that their fellow nurses demonstrate signs of work-related burnout. Staffing issues and a perceived disconnect between nurses and leadership were named as common themes tied to […]

Eliminate Holiday Nurse Staffing Hassles Once and For All


Any nurse scheduler can tell you holiday scheduling has the potential to cause angst and outrage among the staff. For the scheduler it can feel like reinventing the wheel every winter holiday season, with questions like, “How can we staff this place adequately but still be fair to our nurses?” while nurses cry, “I worked […]

Strategies to Thrive as a New CNO

CNO tips

First Year CNO? Use These Strategies to Thrive (Not Just Survive!) The first time you’re appointed Chief Nursing Officer, your gut may be churning with many emotions: pride, a sense of accomplishment, excitement, energy, overwhelm and fear. It’s natural to feel a little intimidated about taking on a senior leadership position for the first time, […]

What Would You Do If Your Nurse Scheduling Software Crashed?

If you’ve ever worked with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, you’re probably familiar with the concept of auto-save. This feature allows you to set how often Excel should save your work, so you won’t lose it if the program crashes or your computer goes down for any reason. Many people have learned through heartbreaking […]

How Telehealth Affects Nurse Staffing

Across the U.S., hospital systems are adopting telehealth programs at a rapid pace. Telehealth allows providers to care for larger numbers of patients in a cost-effective manner, improve continuity of care and take their high-quality care into the community – especially to rural populations. No wonder healthcare organizations are jumping aboard the telehealth train. Nurses […]

Can Nurse Self-Scheduling Reduce Healthcare Costs?

Nurse self-scheduling is not a new concept. Dating back to the 1960s, self-scheduling largely failed due to the many challenges of implementing an equitable paper-and-pencil system. Today, however, technology makes self-scheduling easy. In fact, the method can be extended beyond the nursing population to other shift-based healthcare workers. And smart organizations that offer self-scheduling as […]