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ShiftWizard Q3 Product Update

ShiftWizard is constantly evolving to offer new and better solutions to our client’s problems, and 2017 promises to be a particularly exciting year for our users.  In response to client requests, we will soon launch ShiftWizard mobile apps, live dashboard views, and a new module for managing centralized staffing operations.  These three enhancements work towards our mission of providing enterprise-level workforce management technology that is loved by the healthcare staff using it each day.

Scheduling at your Fingertips

Coming soon, ShiftWizard will introduce new mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Our new apps will include push alerts, the ability to manage all scheduling activities, and access to messaging options that will allow you to contact your co-workers using email, and text messaging. The apps will be free for all ShiftWizard users and can be downloaded from your preferred app store.

Live Dashboards & Real-Time Alerts

Throughout the day, team leaders are faced with many complex decisions. Are all of my departments currently meeting their productivity targets? Where will my extra staff be tonight, and where will I need extra staff later tonight based on current workloads? Where are my overtime employees working now? Who is coming in with scheduled overtime, and do I have any available resources to replace those employees before they come in? Where is my agency staff working? Can I replace them with a full-time staff member?

Your scheduling system should be smart enough to not only quickly answer these questions for you, but it should also alert you when something is about to happen that can be avoided. With ShiftWizard’s live dashboards, alerts will automatically be sent and posted allowing you to make quick decisions and avoid unnecessary costs.

Float Pools & Centralized Staffing 

Healthcare systems across the US are feeling the pain of the national nursing shortage. As a result, many are finding an increased need to rely on expensive third-party agency staffing resources, incentivized shifts, and overtime hours. To help counteract these effects, it is important to have the ability to take advantage of your in-house resources.

As part of our next enhancement package, ShiftWizard will introduce enterprise-wide float pool and centralized staffing dashboards that will report on your current staff assignments, and predict highs & lows in staffing level throughout day, giving you suggestions and option on the most cost effective way to deploy your workforce.  This new technology will make decreasing reliance on overtime, incentivized shifts, and agency resources possible on an enterprise-level.

Stay Tuned

The enhancements don’t stop here.  Keep an eye on our blog for more Quarterly Product Updates.  How can we make ShiftWizard a better solution for your organization?  Send us a recommendation.

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