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Reviewers Agree: ShiftWizard the Top Nurse Scheduling Solution for Reducing Costs

The results are in. According to the prestigious KLAS research, ShiftWizard tops the list of nurse scheduling solutions in terms of reducing overtime and agency costs. KLAS reviewed ShiftWizard for the first time in their “Nurse and Staff Scheduling” performance report, and the providers said our software, “is having a greater impact on reducing costs than any of the other nurse and staff scheduling solutions measured in this report.” (2018 KLAS, pg. 9) Access the full KLAS report, then schedule a consultation with us to discover for yourself how much money and time your organization might save by implementing ShiftWizard.

ShiftWizard saves organizations money across three domains: initial investment, nickel-and-diming and overtime reductions.

Lower Initial Investment for ShiftWizard

Health information technology (HIT) pricing follows a number of different models. Some vendors sell licenses based on user role. In this scheme, you pay one fee for “manager” licenses, another fee for “super user” licenses and still a different fee for “end user” licenses. That can add up quickly.

ShiftWizard, on the other hand, uses a simple, transparent pricing model that charges a monthly license fee based on your facility’s number of staffed beds. You receive one license for your entire enterprise, regardless of the number or types of users.

Not only does ShiftWizard employ a pricing model that’s easy to understand, but the initial investment for the enterprise license is lower than our competitors. According to a ShiftWizard client, “A project manager recounted, ‘We did a cost comparison between the ShiftWizard tool and a Kronos tool. The ShiftWizard tool had a lower three year cost. It would have cost a significant amount of money to customize the Kronos tool.’” (Project Manager, 2018 KLAS, pg.10)

No Nickel-and-Diming by ShiftWizard

When it comes to not “nickel-and-diming” clients, 100% of ShiftWizard customers surveyed by KLAS report gave it the highest score possible*. (2018 KLAS) But what does that mean?

“I like to use a TV analogy to answer that,” said Jeremy Brewer, Vice President of Sales at ShiftWizard. “If you subscribe to cable TV, you pay one monthly subscription fee for a base package. But then if you love movies, you have to pay an additional fee for an HBO subscription. Or if you love sports, you have to pay an additional fee to get the sports package. That’s nickel-and-diming. ShiftWizard doesn’t do that to clients. We charge a single enterprise license fee that include everything you need to successfully deploy our system.”

With other vendors, that’s not the case. They “modularize” their products, which means you pay a base license fee for the core software, but then you must purchase additional, pricey add-ons to get the full functionality you need.

ShiftWizard believes building successful relationships with clients starts with pricing transparency – and without nickel-and-diming them. It just makes sense.

ShiftWizard Excels at Overtime Reduction

The KLAS report also gave ShiftWizard high marks for reducing overtime and agency nurse costs. This validates our own case studies that show ShiftWizard saves hospitals significant expenses related to these two budget items.

WakeMed Health and Hospitals, for example, conducted an internal study to determine whether or not ShiftWizard, specifically, was helping to reduce overtime costs. Their team calculated the system saved $2.1 million in FTE overtime costs during the first two years of implementing ShiftWizard – savings directly attributable to the scheduling efficiencies the software brought to their processes.

Clients interviewed by KLAS had great things to say about ShiftWizard’s ability to reduce overtime, too, including:

“ShiftWizard helps reduce our overtime costs, float and agency costs, and usage costs because we get information in real time. We are able to see who has worked overtime, and who we can bring in who hasn’t worked overtime yet. Typically, we wouldn’t have that information. We would just have a bunch of names without knowing who had worked overtime. ShiftWizard also helps us understand who has floated from one unit to another and who has competencies to float between units.” (2018 KLAS, pg. 78)

“ShiftWizard has had a huge impact. We have a team of nurses who are not scheduled to be with a home. They float around, and we send them here and there to fill holes. Over the summer, we use our resource team to decrease overtime. We can look at the overtime in ShiftWizard, pull a nurse, and put a resource team person in place of that nurse to decrease overtime. That capability has had a huge impact. The more we learn about ShiftWizard, the more efficiencies we gain.” (2018 KLAS, pg. 79)

“We have to know what is going on in each department.  ShiftWizard is great because it gives us information in real time.  We see when we need to send someone home.  They system notifies us when people are working overtime so that we can re-staff.” (2018 KLAS, pg. 78)

Discover the Benefits of ShiftWizard for Yourself

Download the full KLAS report “Nurse & Staff Scheduling 2018: Cost-Reducing Convenience & Mobility” to learn how ShiftWizard out-performed many other, more expensive scheduling solutions.

And then schedule a consultation to discover how ShiftWizard’s nurse scheduling software can improve your organization’s efficiencies to save money, time – and often a nurse manager’s sanity.

Nurse and Staff Scheduling 2018: Cost-Reducing Convenience & Mobility © 2018 KLAS. To view the full report visit

* Data supporting that ShiftWizard does not engage in “nickel-and-diming” clients is limited in the 2018 KLAS report listed above.  There were not enough respondents to generate a statistically significant result.

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