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ShiftWizard Product Tip: Nurse Fatigue

As the largest workforce group in most organizations, nursing represents approximately 40% of operating costs[1].  Often, the first to be reduced during times of economic restructuring, leaders are now at a crossroads with resource constraints, burnout and compassion fatigue continuing to escalate while still faced with providing safe, quality care.

Research shows that health professionals can experience various psychological problems, burnout and compassion fatigue when working in high‐pressure and high‐risk scenarios, such as in times of disaster and pandemic, all of which we are currently experiencing.  The American Nurses Association (ANA) has issued a clear position statement on methods to address these issues noting that it is imperative to look at scheduling rules related to maximum hours in a day, rest breaks between shifts, total consecutive hours in a day and total consecutive days in a row.

Did you know that ShiftWizard™ will track and report on nurse fatigue according the four ANA nurse fatigue guidelines?

Here is how you can use ShiftWizard to assist your organization in meeting the guidelines:

1. Go to the Reports tab.

click the reports tab

2. A drop menu will appear that provides several options – chose Custom.

3. The following screen will appear with a dropdown labeled Category.

category dropdown with fatigue rules

4. Click on Category and you will see options which include Fatigue Rules.

5. Click on Fatigue Rules and you will see the following ANA recommended tasks for supporting your workforce.

select category and see ANA supported tasks

Given staff shortages and limited resources it may seem impossible to adhere to these guidelines.  This is where your ShiftWizard Customer Success Managers can help.  HealthStream’s concierge services assist you in utilizing ShiftWizard technology, with additional services to help build engagement, the second critical component in helping align staff to your organization’s mission and vision in support of ongoing care delivery.

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Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or reach out to to learn more about how you can use our technology enabled services to build engagement and track staff needs based on the ANA’s position on nurse fatigue and reach your organizational goals.

[1] Nurse Staffing Crisis, American Nurses Association,

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