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Managing Critical Staff Shortages with ShiftWizard

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, significant staff shortages are reported at hospitals across the country. In some states up to 30% of hospitals have reported critical shortages. Since this crisis is no longer regional or local but nationwide, simply filling gaps with staff from other locations is not always an option. Therefore, quickly and […]

Self-Scheduling to Ease Nurse Burnout

According to a recent NurseGrid/Keener survey of over 12,000 nurses*, only 15% of nurses strongly agree that they are able to manage feelings of burnout. Fifty-eight percent strongly agree that their fellow nurses demonstrate signs of work-related burnout. Staffing issues and a perceived disconnect between nurses and leadership were named as common themes tied to […]

Balancing Technology and Quality Patient Care

Balancing Technology and Quality Patient Care

Nurses are usually on the front-line of the healthcare delivery team. Their desire to care for others is often what leads many to pursue the nursing profession. As a trusted source of information, many patients rely upon their nurse to provide comfort and compassionate care during a vulnerable time. Although the provision of compassionate care, […]

Improve Your Recruitment Efforts by Nurturing Staff Morale

Sometimes it might seem easier to hire new nurses rather than address issues with poor morale among your current staff. Improving your company’s external package might help to recruit nurses, but it might not retain them. Negative staff morale can infect your new and future hires and drain them of their desire to stay. Investing […]

Are You a Transformational or Transactional Nurse Leader?

Every employment situation represents a transaction. As an employee, you exchange performance for certain rewards, like salary and benefits. The transactional nature of employment exists whether you are a nurse or a barista, and this will never change. But today’s nurse managers can look to a leadership style beyond the mere transaction. Transformational nurse leadership […]

How ShiftWizard Can Calm Departmental Drama

For some nurse managers, shift scheduling incites more staff drama than almost any other activity on the unit. How many times a week does a nurse march into your office to complain she “always” gets assigned to the “worst” shifts? What about the nurse who whines that he can “never” get anyone to cover his […]

The Latest Shifts in Healthcare Employee Engagement

Healthcare can be a high stress field, and this pressure often leads to significant problems for employees and businesses within the industry. One significant issue is turnover rates. According to a survey from Compdata, the average turnover rate for the healthcare industry in 2017 was 20.6%. One approach to addressing issues with high turnover that […]

4 Tips to Nip Nurse Burnout in the Bud

Nurses often educate their patients about the importance of self-care, but they don’t always listen to their own advice. It is difficult for nurses, and nurse managers, to admit that their passion isn’t always enough to sustain them through the physical and mental demands of the job. Recognizing and encouraging the prevention of nursing burnout, […]

5 Habits of Happy Nurse Managers

Are you happy in your job? Not “satisfied.” Not “engaged.” Not “fulfilled.” But happy? It’s a legitimate question – in this evidence-based nursing world – because the evidence shows that nurses deliver better care when they’re happy in their jobs. Of course, happiness leads to better overall morale and possibly improved retention, too. After all, […]