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What Customers Think of ShiftWizard

“One Big Recruitment Tool” – Hear What Customers Really Think about ShiftWizard Scheduling Software

As a CNO or nurse manager, you no doubt get pitched all the time by salespeople hawking scheduling software. Besides comparing the features of these programs – which you can do easily with a tool like the renowned, unbiased KLAS report – you may wonder how to sort through the various claims these companies make about their software’s capabilities. What’s the best way to tell if a nurse scheduling solution really performs as advertised?

One easy way is to talk to the vendor’s clients. Here’s a roundup of what some ShiftWizard clients have to say about how our software performs. After reading these reviews, why not schedule a complimentary demo of our scheduling solution to see if it’s right for your organization?

Staff Scheduling and Communication

Naturally, you’re investing in scheduling software to, well, make scheduling easy – and that includes communicating efficiently with your staff members.

ShiftWizard offers best-in-class scheduling functionality because it was designed by nurses for nurses. ShiftWizard was founded by RNs who actually worked in the trenches and understand the unique (and often frustrating) aspects of nurse scheduling, specifically. ShiftWizard serves only the healthcare industry, which means our healthcare scheduling functionality is encoded in the software’s DNA – not added in as an afterthought.

But what do our clients say about ShiftWizard’s healthcare-specific scheduling and communication functions?

“We did a disaster drill last summer when our Children’s ED had gone live with [ShiftWizard], but the Adult ED had not. At the onset of the drill, we had one person (from the Adult ED) sit down and start manually calling staff from our list. The Children’s ED then sent out an instant text message to all of their staff. Before our team had reached the first person, the Children’s ED had 14 staff call back!”

Edward Keating
Emergency Department Clinical Educator/Supervisor
WakeMed Health and Hospitals

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Nurse Recruitment

Your technology solutions should do double-duty. Not only should they perform their core functions flawlessly, but they should serve as a nurse recruitment tool, as well. Millennial nurses, in particular, favor tech solutions to common issues like scheduling and communication, but Boomer nurses – and all the generations in between – also enjoy the ease of scheduling their shifts with a push of the button on their smartphone.

The ShiftWizard app gives your nurses and other shift-based workers the convenience they deserve. No matter where they may be located, physically, nurses can use their phone, tablet or computer to log on and accept shifts, review their hours, send shift swap requests, check when their credentials expire – and much more.

Offering this type of high-tech scheduling solution makes for a powerful nurse recruitment tool, as our clients have discovered.

Customer Reviews

“If you weren’t working the day the schedule went up, you ran the risk of getting the least popular shifts. To avoid that, you might have to come in on your day off and sign up. That could lead to some unhappy employees. With ShiftWizard, they love the fact that they can sign up from wherever they are. Everyone is lot happier as a result.”

Scott Staup, RN
Labor & Deliver Nurse Manager
Naval Hospital Camp Lejuene


How much time do your house sups and charge nurses spend responding to census fluctuations, shuffling staff around or simply trying to keep less-than-desirable shifts filled on a regular basis? In this value-based care environment, all departments feel the pressure to maintain perfect productivity by not over- or under-scheduling.

ShiftWizard’s new Enterprise Resource Management dashboard solves those problems and gives your managers back valuable hours to focus on higher priorities – like delivering exceptional patient care.

“Prior to investing in scheduling technology, managers would spend hours and hours tracking and saving audit reports. Emergency Departments, in particular, had a nightmarish level of complexity and paperwork to deal with. Countless hours were spent managing and resolving schedule change requests, including shift swaps, sick calls, and reactions to census fluctuations….”

Kathy Donofrio
VP, Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer
Swedish Covenant Health

Bonus: Read how Swedish Covenant Health saved $1.4 million in agency nurse costs in just one year by implementing a non-monetary incentive program through ShiftWizard

“ShiftWizard has enabled us to move around staff more fluidly, to quickly address potential staffing voids and to ensure patients get the care they deserve.”

Tremonteo Crawford
VP & Chief Nursing Officer
Randolph Health

Healthcare Staff Scheduling. Developed by Nurses for Nurses.

ShiftWizard makes nurse scheduling and communication easy, so you can focus on what really matters—improving patient outcomes.