Better Communication With ShiftWizard

Better Communication With ShiftWizard

ShiftWizard’s communication suite and open shift management process reverses the scheduling nightmare for managers when shifts open up unexpectedly. No more feverish texting and calling to ensure you have the staff needed to deliver proper levels of patient care.


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Jane Ryan

Director, Emergency Department

“I love having the ability to pull up the schedule from home, and make adjustments while I’m on call! I always have a current and accurate schedule, something that wasn’t true when taking home a paper schedule. Many times my paper copy was inaccurate. ShiftWizard offered sufficient training & support and I have found them to be very responsive to suggestions I have had!”

Scott Staup

Labor & Delivery Nurse Manager

“I can quickly send one message to all 45 of my labor and delivery nurses, saying I need someone to come in for an emergency, fill an open shift, etc. and they can respond in real-time.”

Ed Keating

Emergency Department Supervisor

“We did a disaster drill last summer, when our Children’s ED had gone live with the software, but the Adult ED had not. At the onset of the drill, we had one person (from the Adult ED) sit down a start manually calling staff from our list. The Children’s ED then sent out an instant text message to all of their staff. Before our team had reached the first person, the Children’s ED had 14 staff call back!”