Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Why Nurse Leaders Love ShiftWizard

“The ability to incorporate our staffing guidelines directly into our scheduling model, combined with improved staff access, ensures that everyone is treated fairly and equal.”

Randolph Health

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Saving Time With ShiftWizard

“I estimate that ShiftWizard allows us to do in just 12 hours, what would have taken at least 24 using our previous solution, and at least a week using a paper-based system.”

Deaconess Hospital

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Improving Patient Care With ShiftWizard

“Easily see what is scheduled and what is needed to provide the right resources for the projected patient load while avoiding the use of contingency staff”


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Financial Impact of ShiftWizard

“The reduction in scheduling errors alone has saved us money, while ensuring patient care is not affected or jeopardized.”

Granville Health System

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Better Communication With ShiftWizard

“I can quickly send one message to all 45 of my labor and delivery nurses, saying I need someone to come in for an emergency, fill an open shift, etc. and they can respond in real-time.”

Camp Lejuene Hospital

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