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Reviewers Agree: ShiftWizard the Top Nurse Scheduling Solution for Reducing Costs

The results are in. According to the prestigious KLAS research, ShiftWizard tops the list of nurse scheduling solutions in terms of reducing overtime and agency costs. KLAS reviewed ShiftWizard for the first time in their “Nurse and Staff Scheduling” performance report, and the providers said our software, “is having a greater impact on reducing costs […]

How Using ShiftWizard Improves Your Life as a CNO

Chief Nursing Officers often feel constant pressure to control costs while maintaining high patient care standards, recruiting and retaining nurses and enhancing staff morale. That’s a lot to juggle. You can recapture some of your professional quality of life with just one easy action, though: deploy scheduling software. Surprised? Discover these three ways your life […]

Can Nurse Self-Scheduling Reduce Healthcare Costs?

Nurse self-scheduling is not a new concept. Dating back to the 1960s, self-scheduling largely failed due to the many challenges of implementing an equitable paper-and-pencil system. Today, however, technology makes self-scheduling easy. In fact, the method can be extended beyond the nursing population to other shift-based healthcare workers. And smart organizations that offer self-scheduling as […]

Healthcare IT and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

During a recent conversation with a hospital executive, I was told, “we have made a significant investment in our (product name omitted) system in the past couple of years, and we just couldn’t consider a change to something different.” While seemingly benign, the comment was made in light of the fact that numerous department leaders […]

Using Float Pools to Reduce Nurse Overtime Costs

Often, it can be hard to properly manage staff scheduling. Flexes in patient intake volumes can sometimes make having a set schedule a waste of hospital and facility resources. For example, a healthcare organization may see a flood of patients at mid-day, but this might slow to a trickle overnight. If nurses are on set […]

WHPUOS Analysis: Reducing Healthcare Labor Costs

It’s the job of healthcare managers to ensure their staff is being productive. One way to measure that is through a simple formula that compares the number of hours worked with the volume of patients seen in that hour. Known as Work Hours per Unit of Service (WHPUOS), this allows managers to understand the cost of employing […]