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Improve Communication Without Saying a Word

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s exactly why ShiftWizard clients love our library of pictures or, as we call them, icons. In ShiftWizard, icons are eye-catching images that quickly communicate information, such as assignments or scheduling preferences. We like to think of it as intuitive scheduling shorthand. Picture It One of […]

How CNOs can Achieve Scheduling Fairness at the Enterprise Level


The dynamics of staff scheduling change on a moment-to-moment basis in most hospitals. Take this example. Three orthopedic surgeries got canceled one morning for various reasons, which lowered the census on the ortho floor upstairs. Charge nurse Annie realized one of the nurses needed to be sent home early, but which one? Whose turn was […]

Use Nurse Scheduling Software to Foster Teamwork

We all know patient care is a team sport. When a person is hospitalized, an entire organization works together to help restore that individual to health. Doctors and nurses may be the most recognizable people on the healthcare team, but patient care also involves techs, unit secretaries, nurse managers and many other folks. When these […]

How Telehealth Affects Nurse Staffing

Across the U.S., hospital systems are adopting telehealth programs at a rapid pace. Telehealth allows providers to care for larger numbers of patients in a cost-effective manner, improve continuity of care and take their high-quality care into the community – especially to rural populations. No wonder healthcare organizations are jumping aboard the telehealth train. Nurses […]

Making CNOs Lives Easier with Healthcare-Based Scheduling Software

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Can we start by saying most CNOs love their job? But everyone’s work life can be improved. Healthcare-based scheduling software can make your life as a CNO better than you might have imagined. ShiftWizard can improve the quality of your work life by enhancing your team’s job satisfaction, building an exceptional nursing culture throughout your […]

The Value of Integrating ShiftWizard with Your EMR

For a CEO, CNO or nurse manager, delivering quality patient care in today’s business environment can feel like it’s less about the “care” and more about the budget. It can be tricky to balance the financials with the goal of delivering superior patient care, but the right tools can make this juggling act more manageable. […]

Can Technology Solve the Nursing Shortage?

Can Technology Solve the Nursing Shortage?

If anyone had doubts about how acute the nursing shortage is, a recent Reuters article put an exclamation point at the end of the sentence. Take this example: “Hospitals nationwide face tough choices when it comes to filling nursing jobs. They are paying billions of dollars collectively to recruit and retain nurses rather than risk […]

Can Nurse Self-Scheduling Reduce Healthcare Costs?

Nurse self-scheduling is not a new concept. Dating back to the 1960s, self-scheduling largely failed due to the many challenges of implementing an equitable paper-and-pencil system. Today, however, technology makes self-scheduling easy. In fact, the method can be extended beyond the nursing population to other shift-based healthcare workers. And smart organizations that offer self-scheduling as […]

Using Float Pools to Reduce Nurse Overtime Costs

Often, it can be hard to properly manage staff scheduling. Flexes in patient intake volumes can sometimes make having a set schedule a waste of hospital and facility resources. For example, a healthcare organization may see a flood of patients at mid-day, but this might slow to a trickle overnight. If nurses are on set […]

Evaluating and Purchasing Staffing Technology Solutions

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At the 2017 ANA Annual Conference earlier this year, a convened panel of experts, as part of the ANA Advisory Board for Workforce Management, shared a presentation entitled Staffing, Scheduling and Acuity: A New Decision Tree for Nursing. The findings behind that presentation have now been published here. The goal of this convened panel was […]