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Company Announcement

ShiftWizard 2018: A Year in Review

ShiftWizard, a provider of workforce management software for the healthcare industry, grew at an unprecedented rate in 2018, capturing a new bookings growth rate of 57% while significantly expanding their team of highly-qualified healthcare IT professionals.  ShiftWizard was also recognized as the top solution for impacting labor cost reduction by KLAS, a healthcare IT research firm, in their Nurse and Staff Scheduling 2018 Report. (2018 KLAS) Introduced in 2007, ShiftWizard was the first fully web-based staff scheduling solution on the market. Today, ShiftWizard’s SaaS solution delivers an integrated portfolio of workforce management features including scheduling, communication, and productivity reporting, to over 120,000 users at health systems nationwide.

A record number of new clients, including 8 enterprise health systems, upgraded to ShiftWizard’s solution in 2018 to help address the financial burden brought on by a multitude of emerging challenges.  An older and sicker patient population, increased government mandates, increased oversight of HCAHPS scores, and the ongoing nursing shortage were among the biggest concerns for healthcare leaders last year.  These challenges combined to put healthcare organizations under greater financial pressure than ever before.  ShiftWizard offered leaders the tools and insights they needed to operate their organizations more efficiently through better management of their labor costs and resources.

A nurse leader and current ShiftWizard client adds that “ShiftWizard helps reduce our overtime costs, float and agency costs, and usage costs because we get information in real time.  We are able to see who has worked overtime, and who we can bring in who hasn’t worked overtime yet.  Typically, we wouldn’t have this information.  We would just have a bunch of names without knowing who worked overtime.  ShiftWizard also helps us understand who has floated from one unit to another and who has competencies to float between units.” (2018 KLAS)

ShiftWizard was founded by nurses for nurses and has developed its solution with the guiding belief that happy nurses lead to happy patients.  In addition to providing executives and managers with insights to optimize operational expenses, ShiftWizard has emphasized the user experience for nurses and staff.  Successful healthcare system implementations rely on staff buy-in and adoption rates, and ShiftWizard excels in this area more than any other competitor, boasting an industry-leading adoption rate of over 85%.

In 2018, ShiftWizard expanded and enhanced its solution with a focus on security, speed, and mobility.  Now available on iOS and Android devices, ShiftWizard’s mobile application makes it easier than ever for nurse and staff members to manage their schedules on the go. Additionally, upgraded hosting, code, and security protocols make the software experience faster and worry-free for users.

In 2019, ShiftWizard plans to continue its growth trajectory by building its team and customer base while honing its product to fit the needs of healthcare organizations from the executive to staff level.  “ShiftWizard maintains a corporate vision to improve the patient care, staff satisfaction, and profitability of healthcare organizations by revolutionizing the way they manage and communicate with their workforce,” notes ShiftWizard CEO, Joe Velk.  For more information about ShiftWizard staff scheduling and communication software visit


About ShiftWizard

ShiftWizard makes healthcare staff scheduling & communication easy, so leaders can focus on what really matters–improving patient outcomes.

ShiftWizard’s workforce management software was designed by nurses specifically for healthcare organizations.  They offer integrations with all major EMR and Time & Attendance systems to enable cost-effective decision making based on real-time Worked Hours per Unit of Service measures such as HPPD and HPPV.

ShiftWizard’s clients range from nation-wide enterprise health systems to regional skilled nursing facilities.

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Nurse and Staff Scheduling 2018: Cost-Reducing Convenience & Mobility © 2018 KLAS. To view the full report visit