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Company Announcement

KLAS: “Up-and-Comer” ShiftWizard Optimized to Reduce Costs


ShiftWizard, a provider of workforce optimization software for the healthcare industry, announced today their inclusion in the Nurse & Staff Scheduling 2018 Performance Report published by KLAS in August 2018.  The health IT research firm reviewed 9 competitive products in the nurse and staff scheduling software industry and interviewed more than 300 respondents, including a sampling of current ShiftWizard clients.  KLAS measured each vendor’s ability to satisfy their customers’ needs in categories such as cost savings, mobile functionality, predictive analytics, and workload balancing.

The ShiftWizard clients interviewed by KLAS were made up of C-suite executives, directors, and nursing leaders from large health systems to small hospitals.  These clients painted a detailed picture of ShiftWizard’s user experience and how their product compares to others.  A Chief Nursing Executive summarized her experience with ShiftWizard: “Now that we are using ShiftWizard, I can have snapshots within minutes, see my open positions, and see my open shifts.  ShiftWizard is lovely.  It is visual and easy to use.  I do not have to go back and look through the payroll sheet.  ShiftWizard has made a significantly positive impact on our organization.” (CNO, 2018 KLAS)

An interviewed nurse leader adds that “ShiftWizard helps reduce our overtime costs, float and agency costs, and usage costs because we get information in real time.  We are able to see who has worked overtime, and who we can bring in who hasn’t worked overtime yet.  Typically, we wouldn’t have this information.  We would just have a bunch of names without knowing who worked overtime.  ShiftWizard also helps us understand who has floated from one unit to another and who has competencies to float between units.” (2018 KLAS)

ShiftWizard was reviewed as having a significant positive impact on reducing costs for clients.  ShiftWizard’s solution makes it easy for managers to see at a glance which available staff won’t incur overtime by accepting a shift and which have the right training and certification to float between departments.  Additionally, third-party research* suggests that usage of ShiftWizard’s self-scheduling system leads to a 7% increase in nurse retention.  The average cost of nurse turnover can exceed $60,000 per nurse, so even seemingly small retention increases can save organizations millions of dollars per year.

Shane Parker, ShiftWizard Chief Nursing Officer & Co-Founder notes that “ShiftWizard is best described as a ‘workforce optimization’ solution – not just a scheduling technology.  Since 2007, we have developed our system to help nursing leaders ensure patient outcomes while keeping staffing costs in check by surfacing opportunities to lower turnover, overtimes, agency usage, etc.”ShiftWizard is able to generate industry-leading return on investment by offering a product that is inherently easy-to-use and accessible across all devices, as well as full-service implementations, and exceptional customer support.  These factors lead to significantly higher system adoption rates than many top competitors that offer products with similar features.  “Ultimately, like most software platforms, healthcare scheduling systems are only valuable if teams commit to using them.  This is where ShiftWizard really excels.  Many clients come to us from competitive products that simply didn’t fit their needs.  Instead, they found themselves using pen and paper workarounds until they discovered that there is a better way.” explains ShiftWizard, CEO, Joe Velk

Nurse and Staff Scheduling 2018: Cost-Reducing Convenience & Mobility © 2018 KLAS. To view the full report visit

* The third-party research referenced in paragraph 4 is not affiliated with KLAS.  For more information click here.

About ShiftWizard

ShiftWizard makes healthcare staff scheduling & communication easy, so leaders can focus on what really matters–improving patient outcomes.

ShiftWizard’s workforce management software was designed by nurses specifically for healthcare organizations.  ShiftWizard offers integrations with all major EMR and Time & Attendance systems to enable cost-effective decision making based on real-time Worked Hours per Unit of Service measures such as HPPD and HPPV.

ShiftWizard’s clients range from nation-wide enterprise health systems to regional skilled nursing facilities.

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