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Flexible Staff Scheduling – Elliot Health System

New Scheduling Challenges & ShiftWizard Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more hospitals have had to scramble to address the operational challenges of staff scheduling during severe capacity surges. The upcoming winter and post-holiday COVID-19 patient influxes are expected to continue at a devastating pace. Efficiently and accurately reallocating and repurposing staff has become […]

Managing Critical Staff Shortages with ShiftWizard

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, significant staff shortages are reported at hospitals across the country. In some states up to 30% of hospitals have reported critical shortages. Since this crisis is no longer regional or local but nationwide, simply filling gaps with staff from other locations is not always an option. Therefore, quickly and […]

How to Transform Your Nursing Culture so Nurses Never Want to Leave

Nurse Culture

You may think your nurse turnover rate is entirely due to the nursing shortage, but in truth your nurses may be leaving due to poor nursing culture. Let that sink in for a moment. It can be hard to recognize – and acknowledge – toxic culture in a workplace you strive so hard to make […]

7 Change Management Skills Every CNO Should Master

Change Management

In our recent post “6 Fascinating Healthcare Trends for CNOs to Watch in 2020,” we noted today’s CNOs must become “masters of managing organizational change.” Sometimes, advanced nursing degree programs don’t equip future CNOs with the practical tools they need to manage change, projects or people. But you can easily self-study to develop the skills […]

Strategies to Thrive as a New CNO

CNO tips

First Year CNO? Use These Strategies to Thrive (Not Just Survive!) The first time you’re appointed Chief Nursing Officer, your gut may be churning with many emotions: pride, a sense of accomplishment, excitement, energy, overwhelm and fear. It’s natural to feel a little intimidated about taking on a senior leadership position for the first time, […]

House Supervisors can Effortlessly Maximize Labor Efficiencies with This New Tool

With the introduction of value-based healthcare a decade ago came a drumbeat now familiar to any CNO, house supervisor or float pool manager: Maximize labor efficiencies. In simple terms, that means precisely hitting your staffing targets to deliver safe, high-quality patient care without incurring labor cost overruns. But, as you know, that’s a tricky proposition, […]

How to Stay Current in Healthcare as a Nurse Leader

Issues with healthcare advances, technology, and nursing news evolve and continuously change. Nurse leaders often realize early in their role that today’s information on healthcare trends could be yesterday’s news before the end of the day. But the busy schedule of a nurse leader can make it difficult to stay current with what’s happening in […]

The Human Touch is Still Important in the Age of Automation

The Human Touch is Still Important in the Age of Automation

There’s no denying that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have streamlined many administrative healthcare tasks. Most patients will agree that the convenience involved with scheduling appointments and accessing their healthcare information is beneficial, and almost expected, at this time. But that doesn’t serve as a substitute for the essence of healthcare—the human touch. As a […]

When Your Nurses are Caregivers at Home

The importance of a healthy professional and personal life balance can’t be denied, but what happens when this division blurs? A nurse’s job can be demanding, so practicing good self-care and incorporating time for rest is essential to remain productive. Yet many nurses may end their workday only to continue this role as a caregiver […]

Invest In The Future By Growing Your Nurse Leaders

Nurse leaders are always planning for the future of their organization. Although it can be easy to overlook, or delay, planning for future nurse leaders. Even if you’re years from considering retirement, it’s never too soon to start preparing your future nurse leaders, especially if you have internal talent you want to retain. Succession planning […]