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Why CNOs Use ShiftWizard to Optimize their Staffing Budget

Controlling labor force costs must rank as the most challenging aspect of any Chief Nursing Officer’s job. On any given day, how many patient care units go under-staffed, triggering unplanned expenses for overtime or agency nurses? And the issue doesn’t only pertain to nurses. When nursing techs and orderlies are understaffed, nurses pick up the […]

Helping Your Nurses Accept Change

Most nurses are well aware that the healthcare environment is constantly changing, especially in areas of new technology. Value-based care, electronic health records (EHR), changes in reimbursement and scheduling are only a few of the changes in the way quality healthcare is delivered and measured. Employees understand change is necessary, but that doesn’t mean they […]

The Importance of Promoting Employee Engagement

Nurse leaders often struggle to keep up with the high demand for nursing staff and maintaining employee job satisfaction. If your nurses are dissatisfied, abundant nursing employment opportunities may threaten to increase your turnover rate. One method that might help increase retention is to ensure that your organization supports employee engagement. An engaged employee is […]

A Structured Approach to Nurse Leadership

Nurse leaders across the U.S. are challenged to improve organizational performance, evaluate and optimize employee satisfaction, and ensure the ongoing delivery of quality patient care. These goals can be extremely difficult to perform consistently and can seem abstract and hard to impact directly.  The key for many nurse leaders, from managing in the trenches to […]

Don’t Stop with Diversity, Focus on Inclusion

An organization may be able to navigate the ever-changing, dynamic healthcare environment better if they employ a diverse workforce. This important part of achieving success and growth has had many nurse leaders striving to recruit diverse employees, although that’s just the first step. If the organizational culture doesn’t foster inclusion, efforts at increasing organizational diversity […]

Focus on Positivity to Increase Productivity

It’s human nature to focus on the negative, but as a nurse leader, your employees and your patients may notice if you tend to inject the work environment with negative energy. A leader’s positive or negative attitude can impact the entire organization. If your focus seems to be chronically more negative, many employees may be […]

Coping with the Demands of Nursing Leadership

Coping with the Demands of Nursing Leadership

4 Tips for Improving Productivity and Handling the Demand of Nursing Leadership When nurses move into management and leadership roles, they take on additional responsibilities such as balancing costs and striving to improve productivity while maintaining patient and staff satisfaction. They juggle these tasks in addition to the multitude of worries competing for attention regarding […]

2019 Healthcare Management Trends CNOs Should Watch

2019 Trends for CNOs

Nurse executives, CNOs and nurse managers have dealt with a lot of flux in the industry over the past decade. The shift to value-based patient care triggered belt-tightening measures in many hospitals and also led a movement toward more efficient, paperless systems. What challenges and opportunities might 2019 hold for CNOs? Here are four top […]

4 Fun Ways for Nurses to Celebrate the Holidays at Work

When you become a nurse, you realize you’re pretty much never getting any traditional holidays off. In fact, it’s a sad truth that cooking, drinking and travel accidents during the winter holidays often cause a hospital to be busier than ever. Creating some fun celebrations at work not only can ease the stress of working […]

When Everyone Else is Off for the Holidays

The holiday schedule can cause frustration and aggravation among nursing staff if it seems that everyone else is off, or that scheduling is unfair. In a perfect world, everyone would be home for the holidays. But as essential staff, nurses are usually required to work some holidays during their career. It’s not usually the most […]