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Self-Scheduling to Ease Nurse Burnout

According to a recent NurseGrid/Keener survey of over 12,000 nurses*, only 15% of nurses strongly agree that they are able to manage feelings of burnout. Fifty-eight percent strongly agree that their fellow nurses demonstrate signs of work-related burnout. Staffing issues and a perceived disconnect between nurses and leadership were named as common themes tied to […]

It’s Always a Good Time to Recognize Your Nurses

Sometimes a simple thank you goes a long way. However, providing more meaningful appreciation and recognition to your nurses can boost morale and create a more enjoyable work environment. A blog post suggests “Recognition should go beyond a thank you, a testimony or a speech at an employee meeting. It needs to happen in small, everyday ways.” Make recognition an integral part of your everyday […]

Fostering a Culture of Wellness

Dealing with today’s work pressures is having a serious impact on the well-being of our frontline healthcare workers. Nurse burnout is always a significant concern but the COVID-19 pandemic is compounding the level of stress and its impact to mental health. Facing the Extraordinary As a nurse leader, it’s important to seek and offer methods […]

How to Keep Nursing Staff Motivated & Engaged

ShiftWizard Workforce Management system integration

As a nurse, it’s easy to become burned out. Whether it’s because of a staff shortage, long working hours or the unpredictability and stress from the pandemic, nurses can become overwhelmed with their workload and lose motivation to provide quality care. As referenced in a HealthLeaders article, The Joint Commission acknowledges nurse burnout as “among […]

Taking Care of You

At its core, nursing is all about caring for others. After 12-hour shifts caring for patients and their families, many nurses must then go home and switch their focus to the needs of their own families. But what about the nurse’s needs? The 2019 PRC National Nursing Engagement Report found that 15.6 percent of nearly […]