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Taking Care of You

At its core, nursing is all about caring for others. After 12-hour shifts caring for patients and their families, many nurses must then go home and switch their focus to the needs of their own families. But what about the nurse’s needs?

The 2019 PRC National Nursing Engagement Report found that 15.6 percent of nearly 2,000 surveyed nurses reported feelings of burnout, while 97 percent of those who were burned out but planned to stay at their organization reported feelings of emotional exhaustion.

High instances of burnout are shown to affect turnover rates, patient outcomes and satisfaction, and overall nurse health. Studies also show that developing resilience, an individual’s ability to cope with stress and adversity, is a critical tactic in fighting against burnout.

As organizations face staff shortages, financial limitations, and now constantly evolving challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, helping nurses develop resilience is more important than ever. Their physical and mental wellness are vital to their health and that of your organization.

There are a number of ways to aid in resilience development, but one simple factor is to encourage nurses to make time for themselves. This may be as simple as exercising regularly or engaging in a hobby, or it may come in the form of practicing mindfulness or gratitude.

The goal of mindfulness is to focus on the present and to let go of the day’s stressors. Mindfulness apps are trendy, and for good reason. They are a great way to learn the basics of mindfulness, plus the convenience of having an app at your fingertips means busy nurses can use them anytime, anywhere.

Cultivating a gratitude practice is shown to curb negative thoughts and increase satisfaction. A good place to start is by writing down a few things you’re grateful for each night in a gratitude journal.

Self-scheduling software can be a leader’s secret weapon for encouraging self-care among nursing staff. With the power to pick the shifts they want or quickly initiate a shift swap, nurses can feel like they are in control of their time. ShiftWizard’s mobile app makes it even easier to balance the competing priorities of work and life by putting a scheduling solution in staff hands 24/7. Plus, overtime alerts mean management can keep an eye out for any burnout risks.

By being proactive and encouraging self-care on a regular basis, you can help your team build resilience and curb burnout altogether.


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