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Flexible Staff Scheduling – Elliot Health System

New Scheduling Challenges & ShiftWizard Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more hospitals have had to scramble to address the operational challenges of staff scheduling during severe capacity surges. The upcoming winter and post-holiday COVID-19 patient influxes are expected to continue at a devastating pace. Efficiently and accurately reallocating and repurposing staff has become […]

Managing Critical Staff Shortages with ShiftWizard

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, significant staff shortages are reported at hospitals across the country. In some states up to 30% of hospitals have reported critical shortages. Since this crisis is no longer regional or local but nationwide, simply filling gaps with staff from other locations is not always an option. Therefore, quickly and […]

How to Keep Nursing Staff Motivated & Engaged

ShiftWizard Workforce Management system integration

As a nurse, it’s easy to become burned out. Whether it’s because of a staff shortage, long working hours or the unpredictability and stress from the pandemic, nurses can become overwhelmed with their workload and lose motivation to provide quality care. As referenced in a HealthLeaders article, The Joint Commission acknowledges nurse burnout as “among […]

Strategies to Thrive as a New CNO

CNO tips

First Year CNO? Use These Strategies to Thrive (Not Just Survive!) The first time you’re appointed Chief Nursing Officer, your gut may be churning with many emotions: pride, a sense of accomplishment, excitement, energy, overwhelm and fear. It’s natural to feel a little intimidated about taking on a senior leadership position for the first time, […]

How CNOs can Achieve Scheduling Fairness at the Enterprise Level


The dynamics of staff scheduling change on a moment-to-moment basis in most hospitals. Take this example. Three orthopedic surgeries got canceled one morning for various reasons, which lowered the census on the ortho floor upstairs. Charge nurse Annie realized one of the nurses needed to be sent home early, but which one? Whose turn was […]

Why CNOs Use ShiftWizard to Optimize their Staffing Budget

Controlling labor force costs must rank as the most challenging aspect of any Chief Nursing Officer’s job. On any given day, how many patient care units go under-staffed, triggering unplanned expenses for overtime or agency nurses? And the issue doesn’t only pertain to nurses. When nursing techs and orderlies are understaffed, nurses pick up the […]

3 Surprising Ways Nurse Scheduling Technology Can Foster a Positive Workgroup Culture

It’s undeniable that technology can bring people closer together. Just look at the billions of people around the globe who renew and maintain friendships on social media platforms. Hospitals likewise can use technology to build a positive workforce culture – without investing in any new software. Simply use ShiftWizard to foster esprit d’corps in these […]

Don’t Stop with Diversity, Focus on Inclusion

An organization may be able to navigate the ever-changing, dynamic healthcare environment better if they employ a diverse workforce. This important part of achieving success and growth has had many nurse leaders striving to recruit diverse employees, although that’s just the first step. If the organizational culture doesn’t foster inclusion, efforts at increasing organizational diversity […]

Focus on Positivity to Increase Productivity

It’s human nature to focus on the negative, but as a nurse leader, your employees and your patients may notice if you tend to inject the work environment with negative energy. A leader’s positive or negative attitude can impact the entire organization. If your focus seems to be chronically more negative, many employees may be […]

Coping with the Demands of Nursing Leadership

Coping with the Demands of Nursing Leadership

4 Tips for Improving Productivity and Handling the Demand of Nursing Leadership When nurses move into management and leadership roles, they take on additional responsibilities such as balancing costs and striving to improve productivity while maintaining patient and staff satisfaction. They juggle these tasks in addition to the multitude of worries competing for attention regarding […]